Talking Heads, Southampton

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It’s official – Winter has arrived! For those hardy souls among us willing to brave the cold for a bit of Punk; tonight in Southampton we are treated to not one, but three great bands. Opening tonight are Bournemouth based Punks, The Crash Landings. This 4 piece play no nonsense; straight up, old skool Punk. They open with the curiously titled “Red Moke”. The vocals are raw and harsh in places, but all the key elements are there. The first of their songs to really catch my ear though is “Hatemail”. Strong vocals and a big all round sound. The drums are powerful, as are the guitars. Unashamedly, this band aren’t bothered with long song titles! “Collar”, “Green” and “Officer” are good songs but “Billy” strikes a cord with me and is their best song (so far)! However, when they announce the next song is about ‘the clap’ we see the band’s humourous side come out. “Results” – self explanatory but one wonders if it’s autobiographical or fictional! I guess u’d have to ask the band! Penultimate track “Finally” simply sets us up for the quite excellent closer “Sweatshop”. The Crash Landings do “exactly what it says on the tin”. One’s to keep a keen eye on I’d say.

The Crash Landings
The Crash Landings 

2nd on tonight are Lymington Glam/Punkers Bamboo Vipers. The “Bamboo’s” are slowly gaining momentum with some prolific live activity both locally and nationally. They open powerfully with “Collective Amnesia”. Sean (vox) is in fine voice, most notably on their next song “Banged Up Abroad” as he literally bellows the chorus with anger and spite. This brings a few more punters nearer the stage, as they grow ever more confident. Tonight’s gig is a chance to air some new material-the first cut being the interesting “Haunted House”, which is dark to say the least. It’s bass-heavy with pounding drums, clangy guitars and a haunting vocal. Their faster numbers take us back to more familiar territory with the excellent “Fear” and crowd favourite “Swivel-eyed Loons”. “Tarzan Cards” apparently is dedicated to Ross (whoever he is), while set highlight “The Lord’s My Shepherds Pie” is delivered with passion and a wholesome, wall of sound. They end with a “newie”; the quite excellent and Glammy “Silver Boots”, from the as yet untitled 2nd album. It hints at their Cropdusters past and I’m getting Adam and The Ants in the drums. Hopefully we wont have to wait too long before LP number 2 comes. All in all Bamboo Vipers are growing in confidence, and with more ‘well chosen’ supports like tonight, the world is their oyster.

The Bamboo Vipers
The Bamboo Vipers 12345678910

The UK Subs don’t keep us waiting long and take to the stage bang on 10pm. What they deliver is (to this reviewer), possibly their fastest set delivery ever. From start to finish it’s deafening and I watch in amazement at Jamie’s (drums) handspeed – phenomenal hitting at full pelt! They open (from memory) with “You Don’t Belong” – Jet (guitar) is head down, delivering some clangy chords. “Left For Dead” is great while “Rocker” is quite simply ferocious! Charlie thanks us for observing the “no dancing rule” with a wry smile! “Fear of Girls” and “Keep On Runnin” get a few dancing before the first new song “Suicide Girls’, which is great. Charlie’s vocals are loud and audible while Alvin (bass) is principal shapeshifter this evening.

UK Subs
UK Subs 123456

It’s at this point the more regular songs from the back catalogue are aired. “Tomorrow’s Girls” sets us up for the mid set singalong of “Warhead”. “Riot” and “Stranglehold” get us all dancing before they end with “Disease”. Playing to a crowd of barely 100 they could be forgiven for leaving it at that. But no, they return for a storming encore. “C.I.D.”, “I Live In A Car” and “Party in Paris” (cos’ were near France) laughs Charlie, are delivered with yet more power. After shouts all night they cave in and play “New York State Police” last, and leave the stage to great applause-not before handing out the remaining bottles of beer from their rider. It’s the show that just keeps giving! We leave happy with ringing in our ears, knowing full well; next time they come back to Southampton we’ll all be back again.

The Crash Landings
Red Moke

Bamboo Vipers
Collective Amnesia
Banged Up Abroad
Crystal Methodist
Haunted House
Swivel-Eyed Loons
Tarzan Cards
The Lord’s My Shepherds Pie
Alien Friends Reunited
Silver Boots

UK Subs (from memory!)
You Don’t Belong
Left For Dead
Down On The Farm
Emotional Blackmail
Fear Of Girls
Keep On Runnin’ (Til’ You Burn)
Suicidal Girl
Tomorrows Girls

I Live In A Car
Party In Paris
New York State Police


Review and Pictures by Ross A. Ferrone.

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