Mr Kyps, Poole

The Villanovas

Brett, Jamie, Connor and James are four musicians originally from Dorset who have somehow been brought together from past experiences, to form a new band The Villanova’s. Their musical adventures began in bands such as The Blues Machine, The Generation and The Jack Vallier Band and Fish Out of Water. The quartet moved to London for further musical education and found a house to all reside in, with the lounge turned into a makeshift rehearsal room open 24 hours a day.

Tonight is the band’s first major headline gig in their home county of Dorset and they go and start with Mr. Kyps. Without doubt it is the right thing to do as a large crowd of supporters have turned up long before they even hit the stage. The Villanovaís have hand-picked two top class support acts before they hit the stage. The first of these are four-piece Somerset band the “Makeshift People”. The band hit the stage with a barrage of youthful energy and kick things off in a big way with their opening number “Lines” from their debut EP.

Make Shift People
Make Shift People 12

The have a fresh, effect-laden twin guitar sound; that really inspires with well written original tunes that get the mainly young crowd moving right from the start. Frontman Joe gives the audience plenty of encouragement, while showing off his fine vocal talents on great songs like ìWeak at the Kneesî and ìUnstableî. The band label themselves as Punk/Pop with influences coming from bandís like Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low. However, that is certainly not the whole story as they have carved out a real sound of their own that sets them apart from the rest. They leave the stage after an excellent 30 minute performance having gained themselves plenty of new supporters tonight.

Dorset Music Award winners Fearne need no introduction: a fine band that have been entertaining music fans for years with their ever changing unique sound. Tonight they are a three piece with Nick on double bass, with Adam and Alex on acoustic guitars. The acoustic trio initially struggle to make themselves heard above the din of the large crowd, but soon grab their attention with a string of well delivered tunes. The set includes the delightful song “Sophie”; written about Alex’s wife, as well as a new tune called “Fire in My Belly”. The set ends with a cover of the Soggy Bottom Boys song “Man of Constant Sorrow”, which includes some fine slide guitar from Adam.

Fearne 12

The Villanova’s are absolutely chomping at the bit to get out on the Mr Kyps stage-it seems they have been preparing for this gig for ages. The reception when the guys walk out on stage is an unusually huge for such a new band, who seem to have gathered a big fan following already. They kick off with “Mysterious Ways” from their debut EP and it is quite obvious from the start we have something special here. These four chaps are all very talented musicians in their own right, and when put together on stage a certain magical chemistry happens.

Their sound is mainly of a modern Blues style along the lines of Jack White, but with other influences such as Jimi Hendrix creeping in from time to time. Their songs all have a quite infectious, Poppy feel to them and immediately get under your skin after a few listens. “When I Told You” and “You Need a Friend” are two such songs that delight tonight’s audience, who all seem to be thoroughly enjoying this set. The best is saved for last though with a well-deserved encore which features “Burning Planes”; a song that gets everybody beautifully singing along in unison, ending the night on a real high.

The Villanovas
Mysterious Ways
When I Told You
You Need A Friend
She’s Trouble
Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker)
Once Of Pity
Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix)
Talking to Strangers
Wealth Of Another World
Last Week
Burning Planes

What It Does
Rich Man
Fire in my Belly
Sea of Bills
Man Of Constant Sorrow


More Videos from this gig can be found on our You Tube page.


Words & Videos by Dave “Front Row” Chinery (Chinners)
Pictures By Damian Godley

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