Talking heads, Southampton

The Defiled

Organized by “Advanced Promotions by Susannah Lawther”.

It all took pace in a 300 people capacity venue with a cosy feel “Talking Heads”. The Defiled were supported by two not less interesting bands: industrial gothic Killus from Spain and theatrical metal-n’-rollers Avatar from Sweden.

The first two bands were surrounded by minimalistic sick psycho circus themed decorations, especially “Avatar” fitted in well. Support bands had a lot in common: elaborate make up and outfits, neon eye lenses, like a circus troupe that had been lost for so long that they turned into zombies.

Killus gave us a performance full of laser, colourful smoke, shotgun riffs. And it’s only their first time in the UK. Can you imagine what’s awaiting us? For Killus it was the last date of their tour with The Defiled, however in March 2015 they are joining “Sister” for Spanish tour and then will start working on a new album.



The next up – Avatar was a real treat. Imagine if The Joker, a clown, a random gentleman from Art Deco period and Satan had a foursome and you’ll get “Avatar”. Quiet mystical entrance (black mass meets Buddhist meditation) lead to diabolically enchanting and extremely stylish performance. The performance was finished the same way as it’s started. Their drummer kept staring at the crowd unmoved for quite a few minutes with his neon contacts, which was kind of creepy (I imagine his eyes were hurting like hell). Avatar have released “Hail the Apocalypse” album in May this year and now are back to the UK for the second time. I can confidently say that “Avatar” have put on quite a show. As they said themselves: “We eat metal, we sh*t lightning, we are descendants of f***ing Norse gods”.



Before The Defiled emerged, a radiation alert siren was sounded with a voice-over which possibly gave some sort of evacuation instructions. It was unclear what was said. But when the band got on stage dressed like a cross between “Cradle of Filth” and “Nirvana” (no offence meant by comparison, I meant it in the best possible way), the frontman Stitch D gave clear order to everyone to “Bounce!”. They got right down to the business with the dashing and somewhat melodic “As I drown”. Smoke went up in columns as the turning the soul inside out tune was accompanied by rampant jumping.

After the speedy “Morning after”, enthusiastic crowd chanted the lyrics to lumbering “Black death” word by word. “Blood Cells” was met with intense headbanging. If you thought “Mourning After” was fast, this track is the speed of a rollecoaster ride. “The Defiled” contrasted mellow segments to the sound of filing metal, rough guitar overtaken by harmonious keyboard.

Wearing black fez (Turkish traditional headwear), Stitch D revealed that his dad was there among the crowd. He also mentioned that he was so close to home. If you didn’t know, “The Defiled” are much more local that it might seem, frontman is originally from the Isle of Wight which is just down the road (or down the water, shall I say) from us.

During “New approach” the band was heavily abusing the instruments and keyboard player The AvD was making out with his keyboard. Realizing that the crowd noticed that, Stich D with no hesitation commented: “ We are professionals. I know, it doesn’t look like it”. Who doesn’t like a band with a bit of sense of humour and self-critique?

But cheery mood didn’t last long, when the mourning song “Five minutes” filled the floor. Amazing video has been shot for it in in Greenland. You can check it out here:

And on a very sad note it all ended. The band went away. Gobsmacked crowd screamed for more.

“The Defiled” came back for2 more tunes, during which The AvD kept sticking his face right into the photographer lens (I think he just loves to make love to objects). As mentioned before many band’s songs are build on a contradictory principle where dreamy and lethargic meets rapid and emotional. We were in for another contrast when The AvD poured down “Jager” and exhausted Stich D reached out for bottled water.

The Defiled’s finalized by a “family” photo, joined by the members of support band on stage and a hanging from lighting fixtures guy, who was immediately escorted out of the venue.

The Defiled
The Defiled 

But there is no rest for the wicked. It might’ve been “The Defiled’s” last date in the UK, but guys are off to take on Europe and the tour carries on. Sat 6th they are playing in Netherlands and then Germany. Hope guys will enjoy European tour where they can “eat nice food and cheese” (their words, not mine).

Line Up
Stitch D – Vocals & Guitar
The AvD – Programming/Keys & B. Vocals
Vincent Hyde – Bass
Needles – Drums

Set List
As I drown
Mourning after
Black death
Blood cells
No place
New approach
Five minutes
Call to arms


Words by Veronica Kavaliova
Photos are the courtesy of Sebastian Schofield Photography

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