With an overriding aural feeling of American Metal heroes Machine Head as a major influence on this band from Bournemouth, it’s no surprise that this EP, Dissentient (Part 1), is a rip-roaring slice of full on Metal guaranteed to wreck your head and give you severe case of tinnitus.

This EP is a comprehensive first effort (I’m assuming on the strength of it that Part 2 won’t be far behind), chugging riffs are delivered with enough ferocity to lay waste to any insurgents lurking in the area, whilst the vocals roam the battlefield delivering the coup de grace to any survivors. It is gloriously delivered Heavy Thrash that gets the blood pumping from start to finish. There are four songs on the EP, I hate You Now being my standout track, closely followed by Decimation. But I have to say that the remaining two: Liberate and Take What Is Mine are not bad fare either.


I’m looking forward to checking these guys out at Compulsion Fest II on Feb 27th, because if their live show is anything like their recorded output then I’m in for a treat.

Line Up
Aaron (Vocals)
Jay (Guitar)
Hammer (Guitar)
Deus (Bass)
Joe (Drums)

I Hate You Now
Take What Is Mine


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