Folk singer Phil “Jinder” Dewhurst is originally from Shropshire and has made his home in the Dorset coastal town of Bridport. For many years he has been making fine music with his band ìMercurymen” and as a stand alone solo artist releasing a string of critically acclaimed solo albums. On the 2nd February Jinder releases his latest offering “Traditional Dark”. The album was recorded at home in just one week after packing his wife and children off on a short holiday. He is no stranger to the recording process, this is Jinder’s 10th solo album which by my calculation means he has released one every year since he started down this path. With such a quick turnaround you would not expect this piece of work to sound as good it does.

The album shows off a multitude of Jinder’s skills, learned and mastered over a long period of time. The vocals are delicate and delivered passionately with a quality that very few artists can deliver. Combining skillfully played acoustic and electric guitars; the album takes you on a journey into the mind of this storyteller, with plenty of beautiful lyrics. The music can easily take you away to places well away from your daily grind. The album meanders along like a train travelling through the Dorset countryside, with stops along the way at various places of interest.


Starting with the delicate “New Maps Of Hell”, a decidedly dark tune which rolls into the more positive and uplifting “May Your Train Roll Onî. The album is certainly not a one listen affair; to really get into and feel the songs the record requires some real attention and this will reap rewards of further gems such as “I Remember Home” and “Boil The World”, seemingly about the effect of global warming. This album features a heartfelt personal tribute to the Scottish singer/song writer, the late Jackie Leven; who left this world in November 2011 after a battle with cancer. There is an original “Song for Jackie Leven” as well a respectful cover of “Poortoun”. The best is left til last with the beautiful “Gathering My Children”, a truly inspiring number which brings proceedings to a memorable close.

Here, Jinder has created a piece of work in a week that some musicians take a lifetime to create. An album that he can be truly proud of and one that should be enjoyed by many.

Track Listing
New Maps of Hell
May Your Train Roll On
Keys to The World
Stations in The Valley
I Remember Home
Boil the World
Song for Jackie Leven/Poortoun
Gathering My Children Home


Contact: mmjinder@gmail.com

Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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