Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe


With sub-zero temperatures outside it’s very tempting to just stay inside my central heated home all cosy and warm. However, the temptation of quality live music and a warm welcome at Chaplin’s Cellar bar in Boscombe is just too much to resist. Tonight on the bill there are two very different bands to entertain us into the early hours of Friday morning. The first of these are Bournemouth’s Ironic Encounter, a band who only formed early in 2014. The quartet since then have been working really hard using every opportunity to rehearse and perform at a host open mic events to get things right. This month they release their debut 6 track EP “In Motion”.

Ironic Encounter
Ironic Encounter 12

They take to the stage with plenty of positive local support from their friends and family in the audience. Their unique all acoustic set-up with a full drum kit is something that really sets them apart from the other bands around. The quality of their simple, but effective songwriting shines through with each number they deliver. The songs are mostly about the struggles of everyday life and gives a great snapshot of a very personal view through the songwriter’s eyes.

Front man Jordan delivers a passionate and powerful set of vocals along with some nifty fretwork on his acoustic bass. Charlie and Max provide some really skilful guitar parts which really bring these great songs to life with Damien at the back delivering a rock solid beat. These guys have made massive strides forward in their performance and the quality of their music since forming. Their songs and passion for what they do have gained them a huge respect tonight from the Cellar Bar crowd.

Making the trip from over the border in Lymington, Thinker have not played here before-and when they start everyone is unsure why. Their Folk/Rock leanings are perfect for the Cellar bar crowd and within a few moments of starting, people are up on their feet jigging around to the infectious fiddle-led tunes. Tonight the usual three piece of Charlie, Stu and Spud are joined by Stanford Road’s Terry “Blackjaz” Muller on cajon. The band are all in a playful mood and provide some great in between song banter with the crowd, as well as plugging their latest album “Time to Run”.

Thinker 1

A couple of reworked covers “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Come On” by the Levellers are played, alongside their own well crafted original tunes. Their performance is full of energy and they keep the momentum going throughout the whole of their set, delighting the very responsive Cellar Bar crowd who keep dancing to the end. The crowd’s positive response is rewarded with a bonus encore number in the form of traditional Irish song “Tell Me Ma”, dedicated to seemingly the only Irish girl in the audience. Thinker secured their reputation here tonight and I’m sure a return performance sometime in the near future.

Do It Yourself
Our Voices Come Together
Another Day
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
Penny for My Thoughts
Come On (Levellers)
This Song
Time to Run
Tell Me Ma

Ironic Encounter
Way Through
Barefoot Blindman
Face Your Fears
Cave In
A & E
Don’t Wake Me Up



Pictures, Videos and Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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