Wembley Arena, London

Def Leppard/Motley Crue

It now seems common place now for a promoter to put two headline bands on at large arenas, in these times of recession is almost makes sense as it gives the fans better value for money and the promoter a better chance of selling out the larger venues. Tonight London’s world famous Wembley Arena plays host to two heavy weights from the world of rock, it is almost like a world title fight England vs. USA.

In the Blue corner we have England’s Def Leppard, and in the red corner we have the mighty Motley Crue, from the US of A. Before any of that can get under way we have the small matter of America’s answer to hair metal’s Spinal Tap; Steel Panther. Usually the support band have to play to a half empty arena as generally people turn up later, but as Steel Panther take to the stage the place looks relatively full, obviously the word is beginning to spread about this hilarious band.

Wembley Arena: Steel Panther
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They hit the stage with “Supersonic Sex Machine” and get an amazing reaction from the crowd who seem to know every word, there are lots of fans decked out with make up and bandana’s in tribute. If you are old enough to remember the days when hair metal ruled with band’s such as Poison, Bon Jovi, Europe and of course Motley Crue, you will totally understand where they are coming from. The songs are all written by themselves with heavy influences from many of these bands. With tracks such as the hilarious “Community Property” and “Death To all But Metal” they deliver in a very big way, showing that they are credible musicians as well as great comedians. The band actively encouraged the ladies in the audience to show their appreciation by bearing their breasts much to the delight all the band and males in the audience many willingly obliged. The band leaves the stage having thoroughly warmed up the already excited crowd.

Wembley Arena: Motley Crue
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Considering Motley Crue have bought their whole production to the UK, the time between bands was relativity quick, thankfully as everybody in the audience did not want to wait for longer than they had to The show as you would expect from this band kicked off at 100 miles an hour with Motley Crue delivering everything that you would expect of them, fireworks, explosions and a massive circular drum roller coaster which Tommy Lee rides around on as he pumps out a top notch solo, he even stops to take on board a passenger in the form of “Hamish” a hand picked fan from the audience who was given a life thrilling experience. The huge screen behind the coaster broadcasted breath taking graphics that complimented every song. The highlight of the show was when all four members of the band came to the front of the stage with Tommy Lee on piano to perform “Home Sweet Home” to which everyone in the audience accompanied in beautiful unison, Vince Neil seemed to be visibly moved by the crowd’s reaction. Motley Crue are everything that you could ask for in a band and put on a show that nobody could deny was possibly one of the best shows a rock band have ever performed, how possibly could Def Leppard follow this.

Wembley Arena: Def Leppard
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Def Leppard a took brave move and started their set with a new track “Undefeated” a track taken from the “Mirrorball” album, which seemed a little flat, however the next song was “Rocket” and that immediately started the party with the audience enjoying the more familiar number. The stage included a huge video screen which reached right across the back of the whole of the stage combining live and pre-recorded video images to produce a great effect. Def Leppard performed a set that included songs from all areas of their long career giving the crowd a great rocking evening of entertainment, however after virtually the whole audience being completely blown away with Motley Crue it was very hard to return to the same highs. As a stand alone band Def Leppard are certainly one of the best bands that the UK has to offer they have some great songs and put on one hell of a live show. The winners tonight by a majority vote were Motley Crue who gave everything expected of them and more.

Steel Panther
Supersonic Sex Machine
Tomorrow Night
Asian Hooker
Just Like Tiger Woods
God Digging Whore
Community Property
17 Girls In A Row
Death To All But Metal

Motley Crue
Wild Side
Saints Of Los Angeles
Live Wire
Shout At The Devil
Same Ol’ Situation
Primal Scream
Home Sweet Home
Looks That Kill
Drum Solo & Guitar Solo
Dr Feelgood
Mutherfucker Of The Year
Girls Girls Girls
Smokin’ In The Boys Room
Kick-start My Heart

Def Leppard
Let It Go
C’mon C’mon
When Love & Hate Collide
Two Steps Behind
Bringing On The Heartbreak
Switch 625
Armageddon It
Pour Some Sugar On Me
Love Bites
Lets Get Rocked

Steel Panther

Motley Crue

Def Leppard


Words, Pictures and Video By Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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