Little Comets

Following their first two releases, it’s a surprise that Little Comets are yet to soar to the heights they deserve. Known for their eclectic lyricism, stunning melodies and razor-sharp precision in their instrumentation, the Mancunians have built an established following within their inspiring niche.

Their third full length continues the sound we have learnt to love, as gorgeous harmonies and stunningly layered melodies overlay their meticulously crafted tangent of indie rock. Amongst a sea of exceptional other indie rock releases in recent years, Little Comets have found themselves strangely under the radar, most likely due to their resilience to stay true to their art; fashioning a spiralling mesh of intriguing riffs and hooks which aren’t quite as immediately accessible as the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Two Door Cinema Club.

Instead of succumbing to the requirements of surfacing the mainstream, the band continue their captivating spectrum of indie, as the likes of ‘My Boy William’ and ‘Little Italy’ express the ripe intelligence in their song writing and blissful integrity in their delivery. The stylish range of vocabulary in their lyrics underpins their purposeful socio-political perceptions of the world, allowing intensely relatable perspectives to seep in beneath their angelic, harmony laden resonances.

Little Comets

Ultimately, those who had hoped for Little Comets to snatch at their chance to leak into the mainstream may be left disappointed, but the faithful audience that this band seeks to impress will be overjoyed. This record acts as a welcome continuation of this outfit excelling within their niche and aims to thrive as a timeless collection of bold material, rather than a trivial effort to induce a few speculative festival sing-alongs this Summer. ‘Hope Is Just a State of Mind’ is the next chapter in a timeless journey for one of the finest bands to delve into the intriguing tangents of indie rock.

Little Comets, I salute you.

“Hope Is Just a State of Mind” is out now.

Track listing
My Boy William
The Gift of Sound
Little Italy
The Daily Grind
Fundamental Little Things
Don’t Fool Yourself
The Blur, The Line and the Thickest of Onions


Words by George Fullerton

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