Meet this extraordinary singer/songwriter from Birmingham with her one-woman band “Pryti”. She is the singer, lead guitarist and bass player – all in one. Quite a talent you might think. Well, too early to judge, let’s have a look at (or have a listen to, actually) her album “Tales of a melancholic” which is coming out 16 February (soon, soon, soon!).

First of all, what an album, not only generous in size but also in a variety and quality. 10 beautiful emotional tracks will win over the hearts of those who love “Evanescence”, “Halestorm” and “Paramore”. And maybe any other sensitive souls out there.

As I am not a typical susceptible kind of girl, I was quite skeptical about the album. But then I decided to give it a listen as the internet dazzled with very good reviews. However my opinion does not always reflect opinions of the masses. So, I am still not entirely sold into the idea of a “break up” album written for someone who likes to self loathe in their own pain.

“Insomnia” almost crawls into the album– monotonous, repetitive, like a thick white river. It’s washed out, like a long suffering, that has has been going on for a such a long time that it bored itself to death.
If you have never seen “Pryti’s” videos, check out the one shot for the “Abyss”;

It’s probably the song that appealed the most to me, musically. I find Pryti’s lyrics soaked too heavily in teenage suffering.

“Purge” starts off quite grungy. Think if Kurt Cobain had a daughter and she was as gifted as him. Well, he has a daughter and she is brilliantly skilled at what she does. Bad comparison here, but you get what I’m saying, right? But then it turns into something else. Guitars become more heavy and structured. “Bitter Pill” sounds quite similar to Purge in the beginning, but it’s a different song, different meaning and a different story. “Amnesia” is already more ariose with more emphasis on vocals where guitar sounds are slightly muted.

Track after track I start to appreciate the work “Pryti” has put into her music as the tunes get better and better. Quite clever, I think. What a canny trick. And slowly but surely she draws me into her dark world of soothing heartwarming notes of melancholia.

“Angst” does exactly what angst should do: protesting beats and riffs, yet full of rhythm. I imagine if I was at a gig, I would definitely jump up and down during one of those tunes.


“Ghost” is the most romantic and lyrical sounding track. Would suit a lonely miserable evening or as a background to an upcoming Valentine’s Day (depends what you have in mind, of course). It’s a deep dark musical composition, however fairly sensual.

By the end of the album you know what to expect and it ends in a usual for “Pryti” musical style with a track “Burden”, which is the exact representation of her unique approach.

You mind find the whole album quite repetitive. However if it’s your cup of tea, it could only mean that you’ll get too much of a good thing.

Brummie artist admits that she is influenced by the following artists: Deftones, Sarah Mclachlan, Bury Tomorrow, Killswitch Engage, Devil Sold His Soul, Lacuna Coil, Glassjaw, Paramore, Die So Fluid, Ani DiFranco, Saosin. You see, I was right there about Paramore, did not expect “Killswitch Engage” though.
On the whole I liked Pryti’s music more than her lyrics. But I guess she is only young and there is always room for improvement. From all the tracks I would like to pick out “Insomnia”, and not only because it was my first encounter with “Pryti”, but because I have really and truly enjoyed it.

It’s hard to be a girl in this competitive rock n’ roll world, I’ll give her that, and she seems holding on pretty well. Top marks for the effort. Good luck! Girl power and all that jazz! Woohoo!

Well, hopefully this year “Pryti” can treat us to some live shows, but until then here are the links below where you can find out about her a bit more, watch videos and listen to her music.

Band Member
Pryti – Vocals/Guitar/Bass

Track Listing
The pessimist
Bitter pill
Battle wounds



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