Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate

Opening with some very gentle and relaxing guitar work, sat atop a soundscape is the title track from “Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate”. The track shows the continual growth of the band, pushing their boundaries, and it’s not too long before the gentle guitar takes on a Rock stance, as Malcolm’s vocals call out; “Carry Me”. This soon tails off back to the same gentle guitar work that opened the EP, and although this gentle calm is ruptured with the electric guitar and vocals; the two sides to the track marry up perfectly.

Followed by “My Clockwork Heart”, mirroring the theme of the EP’s cover; while the song conceptually follows the path of a virtual character who develops consciousness. It shows a thematic direction that the band seem to be taking; especially when you consider the previous EP, “Head In A Jar” and the forthcoming “When The Kill Code Fails”. However, as you get into the track it’s over and yet it is not a short track-just shy of 4 minutes – but you just want more of the story! The track resides somewhere between the soundscapes and electric guitar work of the opening “Solace”; with its gentle rocking sound you half expect their trademark flute work to appear. Even with the idea of this virtual character, there is more than enough emotion in the vocals; giving the track a very personal feel.

“Alive” starts lyrically, in the same vein and with a funkier rhythm it feels that the virtual character introduced in “My Clockwork Heart” is coming to life and embracing life. Musically the track has an old school Rock feel; but in a heavy way, and more in the way the guitars are uplifting.

Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate

The EP closes with a cover of ‘Comfortably Numb’. Now covers are always a mixed bag, and I like Hat’s Off, but covering someone as venerable as Pink Floyd let alone “Comfortably Numb’? You will either love or hate this! Personally, I was left with slightly mixed feelings, but it grows on you. It also ties in with the soundscape of the opening “Solace” from the later-sounding Floyd. As covers go, this is more of a tribute than a re-imagining, and Malcolm’s vocals carry it off exceedingly well.

As a follow up taster, the first 3 tracks will appear on the forthcoming ‘When The Kill Code Fails’. This EP nails it, and only makes me want to hear the album more- especially when tied in with “Head In A Jar”.

Track Listing
My Clockwork Heart
Comfortably Numb


Words by Jon.

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