Power Thief

The internet is both a help and a hindrance for bands of today, with so much information on music of the past it is somewhat difficult for a new band to generate their own sound. It never fails to surprise me when a young band comes along with influences from much further back than their age range. This can be said of Bournemouth’s “Power Thief” who bring across a mass of influences from all over the place including Hendrix , The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Strokes and Kasabian. The band who are far from being old enough to buy their first legal pint at the bar, have already performed gigs at Bournemouth’s Oxjam Festival, Muscliff Family Fun day and Wimborne’s Live & Loud.

The four piece have just finished recording their debut “Teenage Chaos” EP at Basement Studios in Wimborne. It kicks off with the gutsy “Rules Ain’t Nothing” which shows teenage testosterone at full flow, giving the middle finger to the system. They have a Garage band sound that does not have any thrills, just cleanly played Rock ‘n’ Roll that sounds fresh and full of life. (I say Garage band but rumour has it they actually rehearse in a conservatory!) What I love about these songs is that everything is just so uncomplicated, these four guys have got in a room jammed and come up with their own original songs.

The 2nd track “What You Gonna Say” has a really retro feel and sounds like a cross between The Kinks and the Rolling Stones. The simple but effective lyrics; coupled with the creative electric guitars, shows that even at this early stage these guys have great potential. “Teenage Chaos” is possibly the strongest track and with its hooky chorus; along with the skilfully played middle 8, it rounds the EP off with the listener wanting more. The band can also put on a none too shabby live show-I was lucky enough to witness their performance at the recent “Oak Fest” at their own school, where they thrilled fellow pupils with an exceptional performance for such a young band. If they keep this momentum up at this young age, their future looks really bright.

Track Listing
1 Rules Ain’t Nothing
2 What You Gonna Say
3 Teenage Chaos

Line Up
George Kingman – Guitar, vocals
Jacob Levens – Guitar
Byron Walkley – Bass Guitar
Kieran Burgess – Drums




Words, Pictures & Video by David “ohh middle 8” Chinery