The Bodega, Nottingham

Lucy Rose

After a year and a half out of action on the live circuit, the highly anticipated return of Lucy Rose has been met by an expectant wave of heated anticipation. Following the release of her stunning debut “Like I Used To” in 2012, the singer songwriter is set to release her sophomore release this Summer, allowing this intimate tour to showcase upcoming material alongside her full band. After a string of sold out dates, the final night just so happens to be at Bodega and fittingly, this happens to be a sell out as well.

Lone support for the night comes in the form of The Half Earth, a promising duo from Sheffield who greet the night with a taste of their bass heavy, atmospheric melodies. Their sound falls somewhere between Editors and The XX, as ethereal vocals which are almost operatic at times blend into the smooth backdrop of reverb drenched chords and a thumping backing track. It’s powerful, purposeful and at times rather emotional, as the intimate surroundings of the venue suit their deep resonances perfectly. Ultimately, standout single ‘Glass’ hints at the foundations of their true potential, but as elements of London Grammar start to seep into the mix, it becomes clear that in time, The Half Earth could well concoct a formula which stays true to their personal connection, but pushes them through the boundaries of the mainstream. Let’s hope that they can see the earth half full in the future and rise to their impending potential.

Lucy Rose

I’ve been to a few sell outs at the Bodega in my time, but for some reason it seems like there’s even less room tonight. Either Lucy Rose attracts a “larger” crowd, or the overwhelming anticipation ahead of her next release has spiralled into an unfathomable demand. Immediately though, the reason for the hype becomes clear, as Lucy and her band manage to spellbind the entire venue within minutes of making their way onstage. It’s a display of the utmost quality, as the quirky indie ethics of her material joyfully weave between beautifully intricate instrumentation. The entire band manage to perform in a way which captures every subtle dynamic in her recordings, yet seems so effortless that Rose’s silky smooth vocals manage to coincide with every chorus and sudden timing transition without a single hindrance to the tranquillity of her voice.

It’s enough to possess an unhealthy amount of talent, but once the connection between her audience is established, it’s hard to possibly doubt a single part of the performance. It’s through this warm rapport that she is comfortable enough to let loose, and even a classic case of the giggles can’t stop her, allowing a highly comical moment in her set to remind us that really, she is only human, like the rest of us. It’s an exciting time for Rose, as new material such as ‘Like an Arrow’ and latest single ‘Our Eyes’ receive an excited response from her adoring crowd, but songs from her debut such as fan favourite ‘Night Bus’ manage to remind us why she has generated such a reputation in the last few years. It’s undoubtedly one of the standout performances of the year so far, as even though Rose describes the tail end of the tour to be “the dishevelled end of what was once a great show”, you can’t help but feel that her modesty gets the better of her sometimes. Once her sophomore record is released, Lucy Rose will be on her way to the towering heights she deserves. Simply stunning.

Lucy Rose setlist
Cover Up
Night Bus
Like an Arrow
Will You Love Me
Watch Over
Middle of the Bed
Our Eyes

For You
Red Face


Words by George Fullerton.

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