With a change in direction Welsh rockers Kyshera released their new CD for release called “Circle”. While keeping their rocking sound they are changing direction from the funky chaotic sounds of “Made In China” to one of a more melodic nature. Not only a character based album, dare I say concept album?

Now I liked and really enjoyed the quirky chaotic nature of “Made In China”, but can these guys transform their sound successfully? It appears that their skills are top notch, and they can turn their hand to what they want! Opening with ‘Napoleon’ the riffs and beats hit you with their power, while the vocals move almost seamlessly between clean, shouted and “modified” (think radio).

While “Demon” is anthemic with its lyrics delivered between a mixture of shouting and chanting, as well as singing. Yet “Coma” takes on an interesting stance, with what strikes me as a vocal take on ‘the machine which goes beep’, and while the comparison might be humourous, this track carries a weight to it-a heavy presence.


“Break This” opens with a nice little guitar riff, as the lyrics lament about having the song but not the singer. The rhythm has nicely paced feel, that explodes as the drums burst in at choice moments. As the James shouts out “Don’t take my destiny, I’m just as guilty as you”.

Closing the album is the fitting “The End”. Pulling together the journey they have just taken you on, as the lead protagonist comes to reflect on their life; all set against a simple backdrop of a simple acoustic guitar.


In the bands own words about the album;

“it’s a character based story about a central character’s life journey, their mistakes, losses, lessons etc and touches on themes of celebrity, excess, death, love & values. It’s also a huge departure for us musically, as we’ve cast away the odd times, politics & mental style changes & instead explored the melodic song structure. ”

The whole album stands out in itself; starting with an energy and a harder rocking edge that just plants itself slap bang in front of the listener, but progressing to the introspective “The End”.

Interestingly on the album the bass seems to take on a stronger part than the guitar work; and while it does not overshadow the album into a bass heavy piece, there does seem to be more bass work than guitar riffs. This leads to an interesting sound, because they are most definitely a Rock outfit. One that stands out proudly against their peers, drawing perhaps on a sound that is is slightly more funkier in a very subtle way.

With their solid sound, skill at writing a tune, nee a whole album, coupled with the ability to weave a story with well crafted lyrics; these guys are laying the foundations for a strong and successful future.

“Full Circle” Tour Dates for April:
15th April – Cardiff, The Globe
16th April – Brighton, The Albert
17th April – Harlow, The Square
18th April – London, Underworld
21st April – Wolverhampton, Robin 2
23rd April – Nottingham, Rock City
24th April – Selby, The Riverside
25th April – Sheerness, The Ivy
16th May – Sheffield, The Mulberry

Line Up
James Kennedy – Vocals / Guitar
Matt Warr – Bass
Glyn Bateman – Drums

Track Listing
Behind These Lies
The Wrong Size
Full Circle
The End


Words by Jon “Department of Late Reviews”.

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