Vie Jester

Fancy something a little harder hitting, a little bit different, but easily consumed, but not commercial? Check out these guys with their own brand of hard rock and alt-metal.

Opening with “Saint” the first thing that hits you is how tight these guys are – the vocals, strangely familiar, play off the music with ease, as the guitars push out the melody. There feels like a funky vibe underpinning the punchy guitar work.

For this listener, the highlight of the EP is “Hollow Graffiti”, it’s opening hooks you in, just as different as “Saint”, but individual enough to stand out. The opening soon makes way for the track, with that opening guitar work coming back for the breaks.

“Meridians” see the vocals take on a more dynamic range, sometimes even soaring, without the hint of faltering. The guitars provide a punchy heavy backdrop. While “Dig It” turns it all down a notch and gives the listener a relaxing vibe, even though the bass line keeps hinting towards the more funky nature of their sound.

Through out the EP there are plenty instrumental sections, but none seem out of place, or fillers. They are not used for noodling or showing off riffs, but add depth to the proceedings. These guys have managed to take the instrumental aspects of their music, and the vocal elements allowing either to take the foreground as needed, without being dominating.

Closing the EP is “Amplify”, as with “Dig It” this is a more laidback track, even with the guitar work there is a feeling that none of it is hurried, or forced. Even when the vocals ramp up the power it is somehow kept in check, restrained, whilst the bass carries the rhythm, subtly holding it together.

With some interesting and varied guitar work, and catchy melodies, these guy will soon have you hooked in. They have managed to capture a 90’s heavy rock vibe, whilst keeping it fresh and their own, mixing up a cocktail of some hard hitting rock, with some addictive grooves. From the musicianship, through to the lyrics, vocals, and backing vocals, these guys have nailed it. Nuff said.

Vie Jester

Track Listing
Hollow Graffiti
Dig It


Words by Jon.

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