Red Spektor

Opening with a guitar sound that any classic hard rock band should be proud of, “Hard To Please” hits you with an uncompromising sound that can take you back in time. With a sound that crosses between the Psychedelia and hard rock genres, there is some intense guitar work that, in short, just rocks. This is all backed by vocals that are on the nail for this era of rock.

Next up “Transcending” is a little slower, but just as hard hitting with added vocal shenanigans this track carves out its own groove, and it is a deep groove. While “Everywhere” opens with the drums, ups the tempo and the guitar again envelops you with their fuzzed up groove. The track is more bluesy, but keeps that heavy quality just a smidge out of reach.

“Redemption” continues the vibe with its guitar hooks catching you. Closing the EP is “Earth Mother” with its punchy intro, and electric guitar cutting into you, you know you will be hitting the play button when it finishes. Mixing everything that came before, a little bluesy, but a hard hitting, dare I say, stoner rock track.

Red Spektor

The EP blends Sabbath, Hendrix to name the obvious, and with a vocal stylisation that makes this EP seem like a throwback to a bygone era of rock. But one with the execution and production of any modern day band. If you like your rock with classy hard rocking sound then this is for you.

For what seems to be a resurgence in Classic Rock, these guys should be fronting the revolution!…Right, I’m off to chop down the side of a mountain with my hand!

UK Dates to be announced, so watch their Facebook page!

The EP is available on the 18th May.

Line Up
John Scane – Guitar and Vocals
Daz Bowen – Drums
Rob Farrell – Bass

Track Listing
Hard To Please
Earth Mother


Words by Jon.