The Dirty Youth

Of the many review requests we get in there seems to be a lot happening in South Wales, and these guys are no exception. This is their sophomore album, and the opening “I’m Not Listening To You” packs a punch that sets you up, blending some subtle synth work with a whole heap of guitar work and attitude. It is a powerhouse of energy with its punchy drums and guitar work.

“Alive” re-enforces the opener, and goes to show that the accolades they have received to date (Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, and more), not to mention stage appearances with Brooooce Springsteen and Paul McCartney are totally warranted.

“The One” kicks in again with that blend of synths and guitar, giving an interesting feel and sound – one that almost crosses over into Pop/Rock. In fact it took a couple of listens to notice the slight auto-tuning on the vocals in places, and it is by no means discreet. Now I tend to steer away from auto-tuned music, simply because it is used to make up for a lack of ability in one form or another. In this instance it ties in with the synth work because of the track, and certainly not because of any lack of ability of Danni and her vocals – I feel this was a bold decision!

“Darkest Wedding” tips its hat towards “My Chemical Romance” (The Black parade) vibe – the guitars hit that certain spot with their sound and style, especially when the chorus kicks in. It has that perfect blend that makes it addictive, the power is held back-but this just makes it all the more powerful when they let the chorus kick in.

The Dirty Youth

“Invincible” opens with a piano piece that changes the tone of the album up to this point. Well, until the guitars kick in with their riffs, and the vocals take over. Did I mention piano? This punctuates the breaks, but is not the focus of the track. This offset works tremendously well, as the guitars and drums work their magic.

Next up is the amusingly titled “Bury Me Next To Elvis”, with its cutting guitar licks. The guitar almost reminiscent of some 60’s/70’s shows in some places (maybe that is just me!). The vocal delivery is more cutting, and even catchy. This track, as with the rest of the album share a common element; they all, somehow show the potential to be anthemic. Admittedly some more than others, but they all hit that spot that gets the feet tapping, the head nodding.

“Don’t Feel Right” has an intro that you just cant help but start singing along to – even on the first listen. The melody is disturbingly infectious. What stands out is the change, or rather variety, that Danni can bring with her vocals. In this instance its seems more passionate, with an ounce of seriousness as the chorus kicks in.

The Dirty Youth

While “Who Am I” starts with a barrage of drums which sets the tempo for the guitars to hook you in. And this tempo just seems to increase as the vocals kick in with their darker imagery; and one that seems a little more personal than the other tracks, as the vocals strip back the layers as Danni cries out “This is who I am”.

Next up is the amusingly titled “Bedroom Karate” which follows through with a great warning on what would happen if you dated Danni! Catchy track that, as already commented on with other tracks, it just hooks you in!

Taking a change of direction is the closing track “Holding On”, and yet shows another side to Dirty Youth. For all their punchy Pop/Rock this shows they are capable of not only crafting great songs, but also their ability to deliver them. It is a slower track, but still a punchy number.

For a lot of people, female fronted Rock does not always cut it; either commercially, or just “meh” – yet Danni’s vocals pack a punch and carry the energy from the music, filling the sound stage with her almost venomous at times delivery. But lets not forget that her vocals are backed by some superb muscianship. The guitar work, keys and rhythms all work in perfect synchronicity and are well balanced; with no one element fighting for control of the speakers. This is shown by the fact their album was “Kickstarted” last December, making just over 140% of the their requested goal. It is hard to fault this album, which means the love or hate aspect can only come down to personal taste. Whatever your view this is a great album, and it is no surprise they are getting rave reviews across the board.

Put down Paramore and give these guys a go!

Gold Dust is released 11th May, and is available for pre-order vi Amazon, Apple, and Big Cartel.

Line Up
Danni Monroe – Vocals
Matt Bond – Guitar/Keys
Luke Padfield – Guitar
Leon Watkins – Bass
Freddie Green – Drums

Track Listing
I’m Not Listening To You
Just Move On
The One
Darkest Wedding
Bury Me Next To Elvis
Don’t Feel Right
Who I Am
Bedroom Karate
Holding On


Words by Jon.

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