All the way from Sunderland come riff monsters Masamune, who are releasing their blistering new EP “Tension & Resolution” very shortly (Dept. Of Late Reviews here!).

One thing that becomes immediately apparent with this EP is the need to listen to it repeatedly – it is a many layered beast that requires focus and attention.

Kicking off the EP is “The Bloodlines” with a nice raw guitar sound it sets up for what is to come, which is a more than healthily groove cut, showing their Alt/Rock tendencies and ability to create powerful rhythms. Whereas “Silhouettes” kicks straight in with the guitars and attitude, the tempo is upped and the energy is flowing – yet it’s all kept under control by Neils consistent vocals. About a third of the way in, everything takes a slight breather as the break lowers the tempo, and adds gravitas to the proceedings. Yet “Run & Hide”, not wanting to understate it; flows beautifully and is very fluid, with the vocals not faltering in the slightest.

Interestingly titled “The Song About Ghosts” continues the laid back vibe, with lyrics to capture your imagination. The rhythm carries the power, while the guitar work carries through the story. It is easy to see why they appeared in the “Local Heroes” Section in Kerrang!.


Closing off the EP is “House Of Mirrors”, which ends as quickly as the EP hits you at the start. The tempo is raised, and the vocals seem a little distant – not sure if this is by design but it works, and gives an added edge to the track. This is a fitting close to the EP as they are about to embark on a tour, and this is the fuel to light the fire with!


Having had a busy gigging schedule in the North, sharing support with some of our favourites here at RR (Fearless Vampire Killers and Ashestoangels); these guys are pushing out music that should see them destined for success. Their brand of Alt/Rock has more than hint of a cool vibe, not to mention well crafted melodies and powerful rhythm – they are worth checking out! Hopefully this will be the start of a great journey for these guys, and if they choose to pursue it will see them honing their skills even further. For lack of a better cliche; definitely one to look out for!

Line Up
Neil Anthony – Vocals
Steven Kane – Guitar
Jack Johnson – Drums
James Wallace – Bass and Backing Vocals

Track Listing
The Bloodlines
Run & Hide
The Song About Ghosts
House Of Mirrors


Words by Jon.
PS – Masamune was a Japanese priest who was recognised as Japans greatest Swordsmith.

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