Coventry based Conduit are due to release their debut album in June. the Post/Hardcore outfit have put together some ear-shattering tunes that take no prisoners (and no doubt a live show that requires a crash-cart).

Uncompromisingly the opening “Eyes Wide Shut” blends fast guitar work with frenetic drum work and blends gutteral and clean vocals into one pulse-racing package. Both “Sovereign” and “the Road” are, shall we say; more accessible tracks, with more of a soaring feel than the sheer ‘balls to wall’ aggression of “Eyes”. It starts to show exactly what these guys are capable of, not only dispatching venom, but able to craft a melody that keeps you hooked in without being derivative.

“Others” is a bit of curve ball, opening with just bare vocals that seem vulnerable – it is not long before the guitars and rhythm section kick in, making this a stand out track. They manage to keep the power, and while for the most part the vocals are clean, the gutteral vocal attacks give an added dimension to the track as the alter ego. This shows a certain dynamic flair to their ability to craft a track, and keep the listener hooked.

“Pulled From The Water” featuring guest vocals by Matt McKay, is testament to their ability to craft a song. Mixing multiple vocal styles; at times all at the same time, this track posses a dark cinematic vibe that from it’s loudest down to its quietest moments you just want to carry on flowing…if only to hear more of the story that they unfold.

“Interlude” – well that is exactly what it is! A quiet vignette that maintains the atmosphere, and gently guides you into “Let Your Breath Become Your Sound”. This track, while predominantly clean vocally; forgoes the gutteral and at times takes on a more screaming delivery (but not screamo)-it almost has an epic quality to it. Even though it has the power and gets the pulse racing there’s something intimate again, almost vulnerable; and interestingly pulling you to the lyric sheet as you try and glean every last morsel from their lyrics.


The aggression and gutteral return with “Outstretched Arms”, again blended with the clean. Pushing through the anger is the melody and explosive rhythms, leaving you gasping during the quieter breaks.

Closing the album is “We Were Kings” another standout track that fuses the gentle dynamically with the harsher elements of their sound, and again possesses the opportunity to be epic in its scale.

Mixing up Metal and Post/Hardcore has given them a sound that stands out from the crowd. Throw in the gentler elements across the album, and these guys have a versatile array of skills they are putting to good use.

To quote; “Wave your old preconceptions goodbye. We’re pushing against the grain tonight.”

Line Up
Dave Boyle – Bass/Vocals
Dave Roberts – Drums
Steve Hodge – Rhythm Guitar
Ian Harris – Lead Guitar

Track Listing
Eyes Wide Shut
The Road
Pulled From The Water
Let Your Breath Become Your Sound
Outstretched Arms
We Were Kings


Words by Jon.

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