Another from the Department Of Late Reviews comes this slice of monstrous and unrepentant riffage. The debut album from Immension opens with it’s title track, and takes no prisoners – it is a fast-paced slice of pounding Metal. Jake’s vocals ring out with clarity and purpose whilst the band work well in providing the hard rocking backdrop. As the track crescendos at its close I wonder if I will just be hitting repeat on this opener?

Now, we have reviewed EPs from these Yorkshire lads before; and the previous offerings have also been riff-laden monsters, and this album is no different. As “The Fantasy” continues the energy and power, comparisons can be drawn to a couple of other bands, but there is enough here to keep your focus on them.

Slowing up for “All That Remains” the guitar work picks away with the sound of the cymbals gently tapping away. This grows into one of those tracks where you are waiting for the power to be unleashed. While “Lost & Forgotten” brings back the tempo and the heavy vibe all to a backdrop of that machine gun drumming.

The long intro to “In The Dead Of Winter” paves the way for some hard hitting Metal. Between the fast tempo and drum work the guitar subtly eats away at you while edging towards a noodley crescendo around the last quarter of the track. This is one track that is liable to leave you breathless.


“Shadow Of Yourself” brings back the melodies and long guitar breaks, all capped off by those vocals. And whilst the tempo is raised back up, you get the complete change in direction with the gentle piano opening of “Love Never Dies”. This is kept basic with the addition of just vocals for the first third of the track; as the percussion gently comes in giving added depth and a gentle solemnity to the track.

Closing off the album is “The Father You Will Never Know”; another track that is a little more laid back, trading the energy and riffs for more thoughtful lyrics and an unhappy tale. The power is still present in the power riffs, but the tempo is held in check being released for the chorus. At about the halfway mark the tempo is cranked up just to give you a reminder of what came before. This does not detract from the overall context, and almost as fast as that tempo came it drops again, with one final crescendo to end proceedings. A fitting close to the album that certainly has its high energy moments.

I have said it before and I will say it again, this much power from a 3 piece? This is one hell of a debut – one which was highly anticipated, and delivers. You can easily identify their influences, which they wear with pride on their sleeves. But this does not detract from the album, which in short is a good slice of riff laden Heavy Rock.

I did not hit repeat when the opening track completed; I hit it at the album’s end, and then a few more times for good measure!

Line Up
Jake Kearsley
Tim Dolan
Jonni Sowter

Track Listing
In Vain
The Fantasy
All That Remains
Lost & Forgotten
In The Dead Of Winter
Shadow Of Yourself
Love Never Dies
The Enemy Within
The Father You Will Never know


Word By Jon “no sense of time or space”.

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