Pretty Little Enemy

This June, the 3rd to be exact, sees the debut EP “Bitch PLEase” from Somerset’s metallers Pretty Little Enemy. This has been an anticipated release, especially as they have risen from the demise of Zoltar Speaks (who would have seen that coming?)(Zoltar where are you?).

This little gem opens with “Myles”, and there is no doubt that Louise can belt out the vocals with an uncompromising agility, with an edge to keep you on your toes. All the while the Ben is pounding out the beat on the drums. While Georgia and Jason glue it all together on guitars, giving a punchy edge to the opening track that just hooks you in.

“Vertebreak” follows with what feels like a fuller track, definitely more infectious as the guitars, eat away at you and you soon find yourself tapping tour foot along as the grooves work their magic on you. With a punchy delivery during the chorus, you cannot feel there might be something cathartic about the lyrics as the track closes with “I’m not coming back”.

Pretty Little Enemy

Closing off the EP is “What Makes You”, opening with a nice little guitar lick you know what you are in for. For any haters out there, the lyric “what makes you so goddamn perfect” seems to ring out, as well as being a finger to those who doubt.

With a sound that has such dynamics and prominent rhythms, there is no element is dwarved by another, the EP is balanced, and those vocals just give it a crisp edgy vibe. There is no doubt these guys can put a track together as ever, where is the album? Ten minutes is not enough, stop teasing us!!!

Pretty Little Enemy

Track Listing
What Makes You


Words by Jon.

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