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Acoustic Movement

We’re into day 2 of the aptly named Acoustic Movement Festival. The hollow of the stage area captures the heat and eliminates the wind, emulating a perfect Summer’s day, albeit late now itís September.

I miss the full set of afternoon opener Wentworth, as he takes the difficult first slot for the second day. Therefore don’t have a lot to say except the little I heard was pleasant enough, as I catch the last chords only.

Keeping it in the family, the Nashville inspired Stanford Road take the stage (Wentworth is their son). They are augmented by a fiddler as a third player for this, their wonderfully harmonic performance. Choosing to debut “Maybe Tomorrow” brings a mellower sound, as usual vocalist Rachel switches to guitar and Terry moves to Cajon. The experiment works, the draw to them is irresistible.

Acoustic Movement
Stanford Road

Youngster Calvin Glenn starts with some Country then Grunge, before taking us on a Rock’n’Roll journey through time, ending with inspired originals. He’s got a great voice so watch out for him as he matures his style.

Acoustic Movement
Calvin Glen

The slick handywork and quicksilver voice of Dave McKenzie follows in a lazy Summer afternoon vibe, though the normally dependable Lowden guitar is playing up with the variant outdoor conditions. Dave uses his extended set to show us how a gifted young veteran of music gets the job done, admitting to one song being penned in 1986.

Acoustic Movement

This lazy Saturday party continues with Paul Marshall, who provides us with a look at his choice of an eclectic selection of others material (yes, that is a polite way of saying covers!); ranging through The Waterboys and Johnny Cash to Sting, and back again.

Acoustic Movement
Paul Marshall

Filling an empty slot, Thomas “Taff” Morse ropes in Ricky Bennett and Jack Lockyer in their “Tanks Xing” (read as Tanks Crossing) form, to take on various great songs in their own inimitable style. As newlyweds, Taff and wife Angie have attracted a bit of attention; now is their chance to perform together as Angie joins Tanks Xing for a couple of numbers too.

Acoustic Movement

Tim Somerfield decides to forgo his usual array of effects and loops in recognition of the acoustic nature of this festival, and “feeling a bit naked” (his words) as a result. Taking us on a journey of mainly originals of his; some from his latest album, others from his back catalogue spanning around a dozen full length recordings.

Acoustic Movement
Tim Somerfield

While enjoyable enough, it has been a long afternoon of soloists without harmonies, until ‘Monkey’s Uncle’ start off the evening performances in “acoustic duo” format. Their bass player and drummer have each made their excuses, leaving “Andy and Lennon” to create a very capable stage-filling sound. There’s also the wisecracks and onstage mucking about between them, and the ability to fill time when the inevitable outdoor retune is required.

Acoustic Movement
Monkeys Uncle

Wisecracks are to the fore with The Milk Machine, whose sole purpose could be taken to rib and rip-off just about everyone here – as a result the heckling reaches a high point. Four decent blokes; who are the mainstay behind the whole festival (and the others mentioned earlier), mucking about on some alternative acoustic instruments to their hearts content. A UK tour is planned for 2016 so watch this space…

Acoustic Movement
Milk Machine

Willowen pull out all the stops to keep the crowd on their feet, an awesome ‘and intense set that pleases this reviewer, even if they do decide they’re too cold to be able to play crowd requested “Drowsy Maggie”.

Acoustic Movement

Ironic Encounter are a band I’ve seen many times as an acoustic duo. As the full four-piece they are on the top of their game for this gig, barely meeting the festival charter though totally rocking out on acoustic bass and guitars.

Acoustic Movement
Ironic Encounter

Fresh from their BBC filming encounter this afternoon in Poole; plugged in and loud, Rock & Punk outfit “Agatha’s Garden” make their appearance tonight as acoustic act The Vintage Dogs. They play a set of two halves, first creating acoustic versions of classic Agatha’s Garden originals, then rocking out some floor filling covers; amazing stuff for three lads with 30 years’ experience together.

Acoustic Movement
Vintage Dogs

Ever since seeing Catratchers at the Wonky Donk warm-up at Solid Air in the Boscombe Cellar bar earlier in the year, I’ve been waiting to hear this Southampton-based band again. They don’t disappoint, especially since they start their set with a rarely heard live favourite of mine, Joe Jackson’s “Got the Time”. The electric guitar and string bass combination have a great Rockabilly twist.

Acoustic Movement

And so it’s been a fantastic couple of days with amazing music, and the much loved and well known Quinn’s Quinney take the stage for the last slot of the day. Catcalling assorted crowd members; making great tunes and medleys, passing the lead melody around each other and appearing to make up what they do so well as they go along; these chaps know how to party, and include us with them. A very fitting headline act for this celebration of the best of acoustic.

Acoustic Movement
Quinn’s Quinney

Acoustic Movement, its not just about the music; it demonstrates the wide variety that can be encompassed as “acoustic”. Its limited to 500 people; itís a family-feeling atmosphere, the cider goes down a treat; the food is not overpriced festival fare ñ even tea & cake is available-a very genteel affair! Thereís the festival-mandatory late night jams and chats around fire pits and lanterns, and the whole feeling one comes back home with is of a great little festival with a big heart.

Catch the other festivals in the stable, if the music suits: Calanfest (music, poetry, and well-being) starts them off in May 2016, with Alice’s Wicked Tea Party (Alternative), Skunkfest (Ska / Punk), Rustic Stomp (Hillbilly / Country / Western), Acoustic Movement 2016, and of course the one that started it all, “Wonky Donk” taking place in July.



Words & additional Pictures by Tim “special hat no. 2” Heywood
Pictures & Video by Dave “Tim won’t lend me a hat” Chinery(Chinners)

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