Matt Peach

East-Midlands singer/songwriter Matt Peach has just released his 12 track debut solo album called “The Bigger Picture” through Lime Digital Communications. The album features some guest appearances from James Stevenson (The Cult, The Alarm, Generation X), Adam Slack (The Struts) and Steve “Smiley” Barnard (Joe Strummer, Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, The Alarm). The album is very diverse and takes in influences from many areas of the musical spectrum and is quite a departure from Matt’s previous work in his band Vicious Liberty.

The album opens with “Let Down”, a rather catchy slice of radio friendly pop/rock. This is followed by the very different “Hey Boy Hey Girl”, a modern reggae-tinged Clash-esque number which includes a brass section and some nicely added guitar work from James Stephenson. “Girl on Girl” returns to the poppy side of these tracks with a catchy chorus and some nice “keeping it real” guitar work to keep the rock fans happy.

The first spark of brilliance comes on epic “The Bigger Picture”; a darker, much more serious number where there is more focus on Matt’s passionate believable vocals which combine beautifully with Kariss DíMiles. “Hangover Heartbeat” is yet another appeal to the masses for acceptance, these over poppy numbers can become tiresome. With “Come Alive” we have a much better example of a singer/song-writer putting his heart and soul into a song, not writing what he thinks people want to hear.

“Love Solution” opens with some funky guitar lines and has some parallels with U2’s “The Fly” which is no bad thing. “No Time for You” is a no nonsense rocker tinged with reggae, a possible homage to the work of a certain Joe Strummer. “Gypsy” is a sheer joy to listen to, a slower “lighters in the air” number which combines pianos, harmonica, drum’s (By Smiley) and guitars along with more of Matt’s truly impassioned vocal delivery. “Lie to Me” is a simple acoustic guitar backed number which shows Mr Peach’s songwriting at its best.

Matt Peach

Towards the end of an album you expect to get a few fillers, but not here. Track 11 “101 Walterton Avenue” brings an extremely infectious guitar riff to a well-delivered song, with a completely different style to any others here. The Final song “New Horizons” leaves you on a very positive note with a well put together tune, with some alternative South African “Jaiva” sounding guitar riffage.

It is clear that Matt and his fellow musicians have worked really hard on this album bringing in influences from all over to create something so very diverse. There is no one song that sounds the same and there are moments of sheer brilliance that shows the massive potential that this young musician has. He has surrounded himself with quality musicians that have brought out the best in him in most cases.

Track Listing
Let Down
Hey Boy Hey Girl (ft. James Stevenson ñ Guitar solo)
Girl on Girl
The Bigger Picture (ft. Kariss D’Miles – Voice)
Hangover Heartbeat
Come Alive
Love Solution (ft. Mark Leivers – Guitar Solo)
No Time For You (ft. Adam Slack – Guitar Solo)
Gypsy (ft. Smiley – Drums)
Lie To Me
101 Walterton Road
New Horizons

All songs written by Matt Peach, except “101 Walterton Road” by Nick/Matt Peach. Mixed, Mastered and Engineered by Natt Webb. Produced by Peach/Webb. Cover art and principle photography by oolay.

Matt Peach – Voice, Guitars, Harmonica, Mandolin, Piano (Trk 4) and Bass (Trks 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 12)
Kariss D’Miles – Voice (Trk 4)
Mark Leivers – Guitar Solo (Trk 7), BVs and Bass (Trks 1, 3, 5, 11 and 12)
James Stevenson – Guitar Solo (Trk 2)
Adam Slack – Guitar Solo (Trk 8)
Lew Thomas – Piano (Trks 4 and 9)
James Stone – Bass (Trk 7)
Ed Watkins – Synth Strings and Brass Arrangements
Edd Ody – Trumpet (Trk 2)
Oolay Tromas – Drums (Trk 1-3, 5-8, 11 and 12)
Smiley – Drums (Trk 9)
Natt Webb – Percussion, Synths, Drum Programming and BVs.



Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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