Mr Kyps, Poole


Ok; so it’s the night before New Yearís Eve, and one would think most people would be staying in before the main event? But not when Pronghorn are in town, and with a stellar support cast why would anyone want to stay in? In fact, the heavy rain and storms outside hasn’t dampened spirits as a large crowd is gathering. And so at around 9pm the “V2s” take to the stage.

This Bournemouth 4 piece play mid-80’s – infused Indie, with more than a passing nod to The Cure. They open with “Shake It”, which I feel tests the vocal of Cam (L.Vox/Guitar) who struggles to find his range. However; he gains confidence, buoyed by this large crowd and they quickly find their feet and get the crowd onside with an “Ace of Spades” reference during “I Belong To You”. They are well received by a largely “Cowpunk” audience, I would just like to see more stage presence, although on “Bombing for Peace” they find their feet. A decent stab at Hendrix’s “Hey Joe” gets a good response before they save their best 2 songs ’til last. “You Don’t Know Me” is now a staple in their set and shows another dimension to their songs with its all together, fuller sound. The last song, however, is their best. “Ride” is a newie and ends a decent set from a band I feel are going in the right direction.

The V2's
The V2’s 123

Next up are “Bluetown Rumble”, a band new to me. This youthful Dorchester 4-piece play a fine blend of Reggae/Dub/Funk/Rock. I think they’ve missed out Ska after watching the first half of their set, but what a set! They take an “experimental” stab at The Who’s “My Generation” – not one for the purists but it garners good applause. They are clearly Specials fans and both “Monkey Man” and “Gangsters” gets the Skankers moving. The singer is very comfortable and displays huge confidence, as do the rest of the band. The slightly tongue in cheek “We Aint No Reggae Band” is as amusing as it comes while “Know What I’m Feeling” is a “Dub/Reggae” classic. They too leave to great applause and gain a new army of fans.

Bluetown Rumble
Bluetown Rumble 123
Pronghorn 1234

And so to the headliners. At an unfeasibly late time of gone 11pm, Pronghorn take to the stage. They waste no time getting everyone moving as they open with “Swampwinch”, before hitting their stride with the main set. I have to admit despite their longevity, I’ve only ever seen Pronghorn once before. On tonight’s evidence that may change. In front of a hometown crowd they hit the ground running with “Mardi Gras” – the reaction is like that of a festival in full flow. The amusingly titled “Digging My Potatoes” is just a forerunner for Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” which they normally save ’til the end. With Lemmy’s death so recent it seemed fitting to play it early – once again the reaction is great. Pronghorn are a band high on energy and audience participation is a given. This crowd brought their dancing shoes tonight and never stopped throughout. In fact on “Boscum Stamp” one female is crowd-surfed from the stage to the bar-no mean feat! With this in mind the main singer suggests we get 5 surfers on the next song. “Ace of Spades” fittingly sees 5 guys this time take to the barrier! This is a sight that won’t have been seen in Mr. Kyps for a while. It’s great to see this happening and no officious door staff crying “Health and Safety”!

After thanking all the staff and us the crowd, they leave us with “The Cullen” and it’s one final dance-off before we all go home happy. If proof were ever needed that “DIY Gigs” can work and pull the numbers, then this has been a great example.

Mardi Gras
Hej Sokoly
Digging My Potatoes
Ace of Spades
If That’s The…..
Misty Mountain
Gypsy Liver
Boscum Stamp
Ace of Spades
The Cullen

Bluetown Rumble: (in no particular order!)
The Meter Man
Walking Down the Same Old Street
We Aint No Reggae Band
Know What I’m Feelin’
My Generation (Who cover)
Monkey Man (Specials covers)
Stop That Train
Shades of Time

The V2s
Shake It
I Belong To You (with ‘Ace Of Spades’ reference)
Bombing For Peace
West Side
Hey Joe (Hendrix cover)
You Don’t Know Me
Ride (new song)



Words by Ross “Rustic” Ferrone
Pictures & Videos by Dave “John Deere” Chinners

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