Sound Circus, Bournemouth

Die So Fluid

It’s Saturday night at Sound Circus as we welcome one of Goth/Alt Rock’s finest, Die So Fluid. The night is young and it’s strangely quiet. Opening for them tonight are Southampton’s Secret Circle. This 4 piece deliver a heavy, wall of sound early on and the lyrics are largely undecipherable. That said they are very loud but not unpleasant. They open with “Rippleblue” and ease their way in ‘gently”! The first four songs are similar but by the time they reach “Zedfire” we really start to make out Rich’s vocals. Their take on Rock/Electro is the ideal warm-up for DSF as they grow in confidence. The percussionist in this band I feel is the real star though, he’s making sounds ‘alien’ to this reviewer! The power is immense while the snare is huge. Whether the band use samples or it’s just “trickery” it works. I’m hearing hints of Fields of the Nephilim but I may be alone with that view! Nevertheless, they end confidently with “Paralizer”; and when I ask for the setlist I’m reliably informed it’s their debut gig. Pretty good debut I’d say as they are warmly applauded.

Secret Cicrcle

Secret Circle 

It’s been a few years since Die So Fluid graced a stage in Bournemouth, possibly all those years ago at Mr. Smiths!

Clearly the time hasn’t been wasted. With album number 4 just days away they are on the last night of a short tour. As ever Grog (vox) takes centre stage with her stunning attire while Drew (guitar) has dispensed with the immaculate Mohican, in favour of a dishevelled “quiff”. Al (drums) is neatly hidden away behind them.

Die So Fluid

Die So Fluid 123

Tonight’s musical onslaught is quite simply deafening! They open with live favourite “Disconnected” as Grog really hits the high notes early on. “Happy Halloween” gets a few heads nodding and a few people moving as they deliver a mixed set of old and new. Grog spots a few faces from Thursdays gig at Southampton’s Brook and shows her gratitude. “Vorvolaka” is mellow in comparison to the ever popular “Existential Baby” which is well received. Having seen the band a few times now I have to say this is the tightest I’ve seen them. Grog pulls some interesting shapes while strutting this minimal stage. Drew on the other hand is concentration personified as he only glances fleetingly from the floor. Al as ever just pummels the skins! I just wish, even for a Saturday night they deserve a bigger crowd-there’s barely a hundred in here! That said there’s no let-up. They deliver, and some!

They leave us on “Raven” before returning with the excellent “Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending”. Grog really opens her lungs as she bellows out the chorus. And that is where it ends. The band appear shortly afterwards posing for pictures. Grog once again takes centre stage!

Set Lists
Die So Fluid
If Wishes Were Bullets
Happy Hallowe’en
Black Blizzard
Existential Baby
What a Heart Is For
Bitterness By Disipline
Crime Scene
Suck Me Dry

Secret Circle
Take Control

Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending


Words and Pictures By Ross A Ferrone

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