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It was just under 10 years ago the Darren “Wiz” Brown of Farnborough band Mega City Four suddenly died from a blood clot on the brain. A much-loved musician whose music and spirit lives on amongst friends, family and fans. Tonight’s gig has been put together by local legend Pete Cole, who has his eye on raising much-needed funds for Wiz’s charity the “Forward 4 Wiz trust”. As you walk through the doors of the Farnborough Football Club bar, it is like going through a 25 year time warp as legendary DJ Jonathon of “Feet First” is playing some cracking tunes by bands such as Carter USM, Power of Dreams, Ride, Senseless Things, Neds Atomic Dustbin and of course Mega City Four.

The live music kicks off with the Farnborough 3 piece “I Plead Irony” featuring two former members of “Ipanema”, a band that Lawrence Arnold and Rauf Jordan were in with “Wiz” in the early 2000’s. The local band get a warm welcome from the audience and kick off appropriately with the 1st track of their “This Statement Is False” album “Now or Never”. Their raw melodic rock style radiates around this big hall, pulling a few brave souls away from the bar onto the dance floor. We are treated to a new, yet to be released song called “Tiny Violin”; which shows some skilful fretwork from Lawrence, coupled with powerfully delivered vocals from Rauf. A surprise version of the Mega City Four classic “Miles Apart” is slotted into the set, much to the delight of the loudly singing audience. The trio end with the loud and proud metallic “Wrecking Ball” – not the Miley Cyrus version, but that would have been interesting! It’s a great start to the evening……..

I Plead Irony
I Plead Irony 12

After more amazing alternative tunes from DJ Jonathon and the drawing of the raffle it’s time for the main attraction…..The Deadcuts!! The band from London features Mark Keds and Cass Brown of 90’s alternative band the Senseless Things. Those expecting this band to sound anything like the Senseless Things would be quite disappointed. The Deadcuts have taken a step into the “dark side” and combine epic effect-laden guitars with the unmistakable sound of Mark’s grungey-style vocals. There’s a whole host of great tunes that really hit the spot such as the brilliant “Opium Styles”, “Brittany Murphy” and the beautifully melodic “Mary Disorder”. Guitarist Jerome Alexandre creates a real atmospheric “Eighties Goth” style sound with a real modern twist. The band leave the stage with a wall of feedback noise and a hail of appreciation from the delighted audience.

Deadcuts 1234

The evening was a complete success and raised over £500 for the charity, keep an eye out for more fund raising events here.

Set Lists
I Plead Irony
Now or Never
What If
Not the Face
Tiny Violin
Inside the Line
Unsung Champions
What’s Best For You
Miles Apart (Mega City Four)
Wrecking Ball

Pray For Jail
Less I want Less I Need
Opium Styles
Perfect Made Practise
Don’t Die Yet
Angel Rising
Brittany Murphy
Mary Disorder
Summon the Witches
Dope Girls
Kill Desire



Words, Pictures & Videos by David Chinery (Chinners)

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