Power Thief

Power Thief return with the follow up to their “Teenage Chaos” EP with four new recordings. These recordings make up the “Down To the Wire” EP, recorded at Active Studios in Penn Hill Poole. The four guys who formed in 2013 are still not even old enough to buy themselves a pint legally. Since forming they have played a whole host of gigs and festivals across the region. They have also bagged themselves a support slot with Bruce Foxton’s “From the Jam” at the Barrington Theatre in Ferndown in May.

The EP opens with “Rundown Town” which provides a great retro-style guitar intro, before George’s considerable vocals come in. “Till Yesterday” has a sort of plodding “Midnight Hour” style beat rolling over and over in the background with the lead guitar adding melody over the top. These guys are quite unusual with the fact that the vast majority of the influences come from bands that were around long before they were even born. They admire acts such as The Kinks, The Beatles and Dr Feelgood, with their styles being a big part of Power Thiefís musical style.

The band know exactly how they want to sound and have kept along the same path ever since they started. “She’s in Love” gives us a catchy chorus rolling the words “Sheís in Love, Sheís in Love with herself” over and over. “Inner Fire” is the most powerful track of the four and shows yet greater guitar work and some good solid songwriting. There is a great naivety and inexperience about these songs, a youthful awakening that can never be repeated as they get older. It is always a great thing to discover a new band and see how they progress and these guys are doing very well so far.

Power Thief

Track Listing
Rundown Town
Till Yesterday
She’s in Love
Inner Fire

Line Up
George Kingman – Guitar, Vocals
Jacob Levens – Guitar
Byron Walkley – Bass Guitar
Kieran Burgess – Drums


Words By Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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