Slumlord Radio

Last year “Too Pretty For Tijuana” hit Rock Regen towers. All the way From Grand Rapids Michigan in the guise of those hard rockers with their own brand of DIY Punk Rock; “Slumlord Radio” and what an album.

“Bullwhip” opens the album and sums up the raw beauty in this record as rough; the punk vocals rip out over the guitar, and you are instantly tapping your feet and nodding your head. Through the chaos emerges a rhythm as everything coalesces into a pummelling sound that drives you on. This is soon followed by another addictive slice, “Debonair Dolomite”.

With a complete change in tack “Southpaw” opens with a clean guitar fluidly moving across your mind; with a gentle hint of cymbals, soon building up the power you know will come. This gentle-ish opening soon moves aside for some heavy riffs that roll out as T-Bear adds his vocals atop this heavy-laden sound. The track slowly devolves into a heavy, almost sludgy vibe at the tracks close.

Topped and tailed by faux Western snippets; as well as a mid-album intermission, gives the album an interesting vibe. Especially as the album’s title comes from the track “Tycoon”, and with the other tracks is possibly far from sounding like anything that comes from South of the border!

Closing off the proceedings is “Fort Knox”, another hard hitting track and a fitting close to the album. The tempo is upped and the vocals are a little more sparse, letting the guitars and drums shine through.

Slumlord Radio

The rawness and fuzzed-up guitars leave you in no doubt who you are listening to, and while sounding raw it also seemed carefully planned out while it punches you square in the face! For this listener, the album became thoroughly addictive. For existing fans this is a more than welcome addition to the catalogue. And for those looking for a fuzzed-up and dirty hard-rocking sound; with a punk rock DIY ethic, then this might just be for you.

This album has had a number of plays, and just gets more addictive with each listen.

Line Up
Tommy “Capt. Hollywood” Erickson- Vox,Guitar
Matt Claucherty – Drums
Mike “Ace” Todd – Bass

Track Listing
Debonair Dolomite
Choke 66
Fort Knox [2015]


Words by Jon.

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