War Anyway

With industrial music taking many avenues these days, it is refreshing to find something branded as industrial that is raw, and potentially bleeding. Opening with “Crossing The Rubicon” the deep almost gutteral vocals sit atop a predominantly percussion-based sound. It has a militaristic feel as it punches across the soundscape.

“We Are The Army” takes on a more melodic feel; as the vocals are almost chanted out it has a lighter sound, but the bombastic percussive vibe still hammers home. Closing with a haunting sample that just tops it off perfectly.

Amusingly “Actions have Consequences” is more of a found piece whose vocal content is a sample of Barrack Obama, with a strong rhythm underpinning this short track. Also, the shortest track coming in at just under 90 seconds.

While “Rise Of the Tyrant” has a slight KMFDM feel it opens in a punchy fashion as the vocals are delivered in a slow and considered manner, perhaps a wink towards Laibach. The track has less percussive presence; giving it a lighter feel, less oppressive.

Closing off the EP is “The System Is Down” with more samples, it takes on the role of a failing computer system. The vocals shifting from the heavy and distorted to shouted out; all atop a driving sound, amidst either computer samples or police sirens.

War Anyway

While it can be easy to draw parallels to various industrial acts; “We Are War” are blending a militaristic sound with strong percussive elements, as well as the aggressive stance taken by most industrial acts. And while synthesisers are no doubt present along with samplers; they do not take the foreground, letting the music and intentions express themselves.

Have they passed the point of no return? Let’s hope not!

Track Listing
Crossing The Rubicon
We Are The Army
Actions Have Consequences
The Rise Of The Tyrant
The System Is Down