Philip John

Philip John is one of those artists that you see for the first time and never forget. He has an amazing knack of stopping people in their tracks the moment he starts singing. His voice is powerful and has a huge range the can handle just about any style of music. Until recently he could be found playing bass in a band, keeping his voice somewhat under wraps. After a few solo gigs recently the locals around Bournemouth began to talk – “have you heard that’s guy’s voice, it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard”? After checking him out live a couple of times I can confirm that all the rumours are true and yes, he is as good as the gossips say he is. To go with the voice he has a skilful musical talent that gives him a package that can really entertain.

Philip John

The first EP release “Sung for Ghosts” was released in June and Philip wanted to capture his live sound in its most raw form, giving punters a souvenir to take home after gigs. The EP was recorded with just two microphones in a loft room, in friend Adam Harrison’s house. If you listen carefully you can even hear the water tank dripping quietly in the background. It is one voice; one acoustic guitar, played totally live in single takes. Philip wanted to get away from the super polished; perfect, inhuman sounding music of today to get something that sounds real. Recording the five track EP was the most gruelling and unforgiving recording process that he’s ever gone through, but Philip feels he is a better performer as a result.

The EP opens with the epic “Only Follow” which starts off gently with a nice tuneful acoustic guitar piece, before delivering a chorus exceeding expectations. “For All My Sins” is more of the same with a more melodic guitar style and it really achieves that raw live feel that was attempted. “Hosts” arrives with some nicely executed delay on the acoustic guitar and shows that Philip is no one trick pony. This all round package includes some clever songwriting that can easily be interpreted in many different ways. “Give Me War” keeps up the high momentum with a thought-provoking tune that continues with lots of great ingredients.

The best is most certainly saved to last with a tune called “Russian Dolls” that sees the full extent of Philip’s voice unleashed. The infectious number with a huge chorus just keeps giving and giving right until the end. I insist though that to get the full effect of this young man’s capabilities you must go along and see him live, it will be an experience that I promise you won’t regret. This is I’m sure just the beginning of something, as I’d love to see Philip possibly fronting a rock band or playing as a solo artist with a full band backing him. Whatever happens, this guy’s future is exciting and he has a talent that many other artists can only dream of.

Track Listing
Only Follow
For All My Sins
Give Me War
Russian Dolls


Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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