Ashley Cross Green, Parkstone

Grooves On the Green 2016

After all the sunshine on day one, this Sunday again greets the fortunate Grooves on the Green revellers with a second day of beautiful weather and yet another mouth-watering selection of bands skilfully selected by the event compere Conrad Barr. I sadly; due to the day job getting in the way, was not able to see the first two bands “Fish Out of Water” and “Powdered Cows”. I am however reliably informed that they both put in top class performances worthy of plenty of applause from the Parkstone crowd.

As I arrived Clockwork Carousel had just taken to the stage and I was really looking forward to seeing them again after interviewing 3 of the band on the “Livewire Live” radio show on Hope FM earlier this week. The five piece from over the Hampshire border in Sway create an Americana-influenced sound with heavy leanings to the 90’s Britpop sound. Imagine Ocean Colour Scene meets Travis with some curious lap steel thrown in and you will have some idea of how they sound. They perform an impressive set that contains a great collection of all original songs; including the excellent “Gather the Pace” and “All for One”, where they combine electric and acoustic guitars with Garth’s skilful lap steel sound to great effect.

Clockwork Carousel
Grooves On The Green: Clockwork Carousel 1

Mischa and His Merry Men are a band that have been around for quite a while now and have a sort of revolving door line-up. Today there are no fewer than 9 people in this line-up that includes Chris Payn on keyboards and Si Genaro on harmonica, along with a two-piece brass section. The full on “Mischa and his Merry Men” experience is one of uplifting positive tunes that generate happy vibes into the audience. The band face a few minor catastrophes with technical problems hitting many of the band, but they don’t let this stop them putting on a really memorable performance full of highlights. The ever smiling Mischa leaves the stage happy in the knowledge that he has brought some great music to an audience that really appreciated his sterling efforts.

Mischa and His Merry Men
Grooves On The Green: Mischa and His Merry Men 1

The Mother Ukers are one band that everybody always looks forward to; three very stylish middle-aged(ish) blokes with three Ukuleles, playing a host of popular tunes in their very own style. They kick off with the Happy Monday’s “Step On” and have each member of the audience singing along with them in a beautiful unison. The band pay tribute to the dearly departed in the form of a great version “Purple Rain” by Prince while there is also David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” beautifully reworked on the Uke. They can do no wrong in the audience’s eyes and the trio send them away truly converted to their very unique style of “Ukular Fusion”.

Mother Ukers
Grooves On The Green: Mother Ukers 12

They have been together for over twenty years and have performed at countless numbers of festivals before. Pronghorn, Undisputed Kings of Cowpunk have no problem keeping up the momentum by doing what they do. Banjos and fiddles played at a frantic pace to familiar tunes like “Digging My Potatoes”, “Mardi Gras” and “Bone” – a song played at their now legendary first ever gig. (Were you there?) . The crowd of course, love a bit of a hoedown and dance willingly until the curfew stops proceedings a 7pm.

Grooves On The Green 12

Another fantastic weekend with a massive community feel to it. Introducing people to new local music is always a risky business but this works on all levels and raises lots of money for a very worthy charity, everyone all round are winners. Huge respect must go out to the man in the middle Conrad Barr for his great dedication to our local music heritage. I know putting events together like this are really hard work and in this case really worthwhile. Well done fella, you pulled it off once again……roll on next year!!


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Videos, Pictures & Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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