Kung Fu Chicken Fighters

The wonderfully named “Kung Fu Chicken Fighters” formed in 2014 after a group of friends got together for a jamming session which contained lots of positive momentum. This momentum picked up at pace and soon the five guys realized that they had the beginnings of a band. They are based on the South Coast in Bournemouth and Poole, coming from all walks of life. Their drummer said “we are not the best at our instruments, but when we come together it really works!!”. The band seem to have found a really valuable chemistry and a knack of making really entertaining music.

On the 24th November, they are pleased to announce the release of the debut EP “Bohemian Blues”, which was recorded and mixed at Echo Recording Rooms in Poole by Jack Irving. The recordings were sent out to Berlin to be mastered by Alain Paul. The result is a no holds barred Ep that shows the band in their initial gestation period; cultivating a fresh new sound, taken from a spectrum of influences across a wide range of music genres.

Kung Fu Chicken Fighters

The EP opens with a little sample of what to expect, a 2 minute twin-guitar instrumental that sounds somewhat influenced by Tom Morello’s unique style of playing. This theme continues on opener and title track “Bohemian Blues”; which introduces vocalist “Robbie Almond”, who shows his considerable power of vocal delivery. To prove these guys are not one trick ponies “Jazz Club” astounds with a bright, melodic feel; introducing a tune with a completely different feel with ‘as the title suggests’ some Rock-infused Jazz.

“The Martyr” is somewhat darker with more of a “System of a Down” feel to this tune. Once again the twin guitars are prominent, giving the listener a monster rollercoaster ride up and down the fretboard with some really impressive work. The final tune is “Pirate Waltz”, a swashbuckling tale that is possibly the weakest tune on this collection. I find after the first three great tunes the vocals are disappointing, and though creative the guitar work does not excite as before. All in all, though a debut that these guys can be really be proud of with some promising tunes and a new exciting sound.

Track Listing
Bohemian Blues
Jazz Club
The Martyr
Pirate Waltz

KFCF are
Guitar – Matt Burridge
Guitar – Mark Leadbeater
Drums – Drum Lee
Vocals – Robbie Almond
Bass – Graham Rigler




Words by David “Chopstick” Chinery (Chinners)

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