The Pyramids, Portsmouth


Date 10 of a 12 date Headline Tour sees Feeder “return home” to one of their favourite outposts – this I can confirm having now seen them 6 times in this City! Opening for them tonight are rising West Country “stars” Reigning Days, a truly great Rock band of 3 years standing. These guys are no strangers to a large stage so shouldn’t be daunted by a mid-size venue like the Pyramids. However, Dan’s slightly nervous between song banter gives him away, but not for long! They open with “Friendly Fire” and any notions I had that they might harbour chart friendly Indie Rock status are soon dispelled; these guys Rock-Hard. “Self Destruct” follows and they grow in confidence. Immediately I’m drawn to bassist Johnny’s Andy Cairns (Therapy?) stage presence and all round mannerisms. Dan (guitar/vox) however reminds me of William Reid (JAMC) with his fringe and occasional shoegazing-but the comparisons end there. He has great range during their entire set. “All I Wanna Do” is an early highlight as they simply grow ever more confident, Dan showing his appreciation to such a large crowd this early in the evening. Latest single “Empire” is well received; the thunderous drums from Joe are a constant, yet his unfussy style masks huge power throughout.

Reigning Days
Reigning Days 123

For me though their last two songs are the set highlights. Penultimate song ‘Do You Feel’ I imagine was written from a personal perspective, Dan wearing his emotions on his sleeves in the chorus. It’s slower and more melodic than earlier songs in the set, but no less important. Dan again praises this audience before launching into final song “Renegade”. Chief shape shifter Johnny uses the small space afforded him, gurning and preening in equal measure. However, Joe (drums) steals the limelight with more thunderous rolls and fills as they end with a flourish. It would appear Teignmouth has another great Rock band to shout about. Only time will tell but Reigning Days (IMO) have all the elements to be future stars.

And so to “the returning heroes”. Feeder are back in a town they love (as proclaimed by Grant Nicholas almost immediately he walks onstage)! With a new LP to flog and coming to the end of a 12 date tour, they waste no time in playing new material. They open the show with “Another Day On Earth” before returning to more familiar material. “Renegades” is dedicated to all the “Pompey Renegades” and again Grant reiterates his love for this town. Fleshed out to a 5 piece tonight they are joined on 2nd guitar by Nathan and Dean “DD” (keys). Geoff (drums) is the all-round powerhouse virtually throughout, as he thumps the skins for most of the songs. Tonight’s sound is more rounded than before, as all these elements come together. The set list however, is more classic anthems than a mixture, interspersed with the newbie’s.

Before playing “Lost and Found” Grant celebrates the mosh pits here of gigs gone by and encourages more of the same tonight – he doesn’t have to wait long! At the same time he rewards those who continually ask for the “early” material, with a rousing crowd and band singalong to “High”. This Pompey crowd, young and old are in fine voice tonight. “Eskimo” and “Paperweight” return us back up to date but looking around me this crowd are clearly here for the anthems.

Feeder 123456

“Tender” is simply a chance to catch our breaths before they whack it up a notch. ‘Come Back Around’ is greeted with the usual crowd lunacy while ‘Insomnia’ takes this reviewer back to a bygone era, such is the frenzy in the moshpit. ‘Borders’ is yet another singalong opportunity while “Geezer” is a breath catcher. “Just The Way I’m Feeling” however embraces the whole room in unison. Clearly after all these years it means a great deal to Grant and Taka, (bass) and chief shapeshifter. Grant sings with real passion and I have to say it’s a real “hairs on back of neck” experience. However, what they do with “Buck Rogers” is a clever touch. Grant teases us by gently picking his strings to the opening bars. A few cheers go up and the crowd start singing. Grant then sings a stripped back, slowed down version of the opening verse before launching into the song full speed. This enthusiastic crowd now need no more encouragement. Huge, anthemic singalong; accompanied by wild moshing follows. If there’s a way to end your main set then this is it; faultless. They leave the stage to huge, long applause and we know it won’t be long before their return.

They return to encore one new song and three classics. “Infrared-Ultraviolet” sees the backdrop in full use before they take us right back with “Sweet 16”. Grant suggests where we are on the tour is a good enough excuse to play “Seven Days in The Sun” saying “well we are by the sea” and again like with Buck Rogers they give it the slow intro to get us all singing. We respond loudly before parity is resumed and they go at it full tilt. This only serves to set us up for their final song. A huge chorus of the opening bars of “Just A Day” reverberates around the room for a couple of minutes. Grant catches his breath; introduces the band and then says “God bless you Portsmouth, thank you” before launching into the song. Cue riotous moshing! The band and crowd sing along in unison before they finally leave us. With nearly two decades in this business Feeder show no signs of slowing down, and their longest hiatus yet has clearly served them well. Back in the top 10 album chart and back in the public conscious with “All Bright Electric”; the future is seemingly bright, and long may that continue.

Feeder Set List
Another Day on Earth
Universe of Life
Feeling a Moment
Pushing the Senses
Lost & Found
Come Back Around
Just the Way I’m Feeling
Buck Rogers

Sweet 16
Seven Days in the Sun
Just a Day

Reigning Days Set List
Friendly Fire
All I Wanna Do
Do You Feel



Words by Ross A Ferrone
Pictures & Videos by David Chinery (Chinners)

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