Larman Clamor

For those who have been following the journey, Beyonder takes the listener further along the journey and a little further down into swampy, foggy wasteland, created and streaked by heathen alchemy (end quote!). This is the ongoing saga from the darkest swamp delta, where dusk hides a multitude of sins.

For those who have not, this is the 6th album from Larman Clamor and follows tight to their self-described Lo-Fi-Garage-Doom-Blues. And yes, it is as unique as it sounds. With nigh on no effects, there is a rawness that perfectly matches the almost gruff vocals.

Opening with the eponymous “Beyonder” the scene is set, with the trademark sound of a slightly discordant guitar, drums, cymbals, and those vocals that cry out and drag you into the dark world. With tempos varying between the relatively energetic “Haunted, Hexed, Let Down ‘n Torn” through to the slow considered instrumental “Tarnkappe” (Cloak of Concealment), the distorted guitar builds up and releases the feeling of approaching doom, as if something is following you. While “Fo’ What You Did” accuses the listener, while calling them a “friend of the sun” and stating that no tears will be shed when they die, all set to a background of guitar work and gentle rhythms.

“Somethin’ Bitter To Do” shows the magic of Larman Clamor, using nothing but the basics the track is full bodied and captures the underlying principal behind their music, keep it basic. The track is as dark as any other, but the tempo makes it seem more upbeat.

Larman Clamor

Closing the album is “In The Circus Of Night” a more laidback track, and longest on the album. Opening with unaccompanied guitar, extras layers are slowly added. Then about half through the hand claps start in an almost metronome-like fashion – hypnotising you and keeping your focus.

This reviewer is a big fan of Larman Clamor (Beetle Crown And Steel Wand”/Alligator Heart), and the man behind this dark project deserves more exposure than he currently has (plus he does his own artwork!). The music in some ways is basic and primal, and in others exceedingly clever. As the thick foggy mix of blues sounding guitar work is twisted and distorted into a dark foot tapping experience – the bastard offspring of Seasick Steve and Tom Waits emanating from the opium escape of bright perception into a dark reality? This is the pool of primordial soup next to the one we crawled out of, it is not quite of our world, but it is that cousin we avoid talking about.

With an original release date of 2015, this album is well over dude, but worth the wait. It will be available the following digital outlets; iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby on the 24th December.

The perfect Christmas gift for the swamp based mystic in your life!

Beyonder is available from here.

Larman Clamor

Track Listing
And The Hand
Fo’ What You Did
Pig Priest & The Motor Hag
Haunted, Hexed, Let Down ‘n Torn
Swamp Healing
Somethin’ Bitter To Do
The Draining
Soul Sane Juice
Come See…
…Sighed The River Of Larvas
All Wrongs Are Right
In The Circus Of Night


Words by Jon.