Sweet Jonny

Sweet Jonny are a self-confessed band from a “do nothing” town who revel in making great Garage/Rock music. The curiously titled “Spanish Fly” is their latest offering, and it’s really rather good. First cut on the EP is “Private Members Gentleman’s Club”. Instantly you are transported to a world of Rockabilly/Punk/Dirty R’n’R in the intro, echoing many a great band of these genre’s. Clangy guitar notes fighting for space with a thumping bass and an unapologetic howling and haunting vocal. The layered guitars are the star here on this confident opener and I’m reminded of USA also-rans “Jonathan Fireater” in places. The drums pound throughout; allied to some clicky chords, while the song ending is sharp.

Sweet Jonny

“Tools of The Trade” follows with a heavy bass intro and yet more clicky guitars. A clear and audible vocal is both direct and “in yer face”. It’s a vocal style that reminds me of a very early Weller at his snarliest (circa ’77). There’s an interesting layered bridge, and some stretched chords and noodling to the end.

“Judas Tree” is much slower in tempo and more melodic, with more haunting and echoey vocals. This rather personal song comes to life latterly and this time around I’m reminded of “Jon Spencer Blues”, but one could ally any of a number of influences here. That vocal becomes louder and even more passionate to the end but is another decent offering.

Sweet Jonny

The final cut is “Another Throw Away Song” and is anything but! It begins with an almost spoken word and simple vocal delivery, with subtle drums in the background and guitars to match. It gradually picks up throughout and could easily have been the lead song.

Sweet Jonny are without doubt a talented bunch with all the right influences. And while I wouldn’t want to lazily pigeonhole them, I feel they could hold their own amongst many genre’s, a few of whom I’ve mentioned. They wouldn’t be out of place at this years Rebellion Festival or Nice ‘n’ Sleazy even – I for one will watch their trajectory with interest. If like me this is your first introduction to Sweet Jonny, then I feel this is a good starting point.

Track Listing
Private Members Gentleman’s Club
Tools of The Trade
Judas Tree
Another Throw Away Song

Band Members
Tom – vox/guitar
Jonny – drums
Tom – bass
Phil – lead


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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