Welsh Punk/Ska exponents 6Foot7 have a new EP out & we at RR have the pleasure in reviewing it, and rather fine it is too! It opens with a one-minute “Intro” that immediately leaves one in no doubt their genre.

Track 2, “Useless”, is anything but. An anthemic and shouty yet comedic chorus-led intro gives way to a big, big sound; that thankfully isn’t drowned by the brass section. Tom’s clear audible vocal allows the listener to hear every lyric on this song – lyrically I’m guessing an ode to “Tribes and Outsider” culture? Or is that just too obvious?! It’s a great opener with a sharp ending.

“Hello”! If there’s one genre of music that does covers the best it’s Punk/Ska. The classic slow/fast formula, yet delivered with a hint of humour. Gravelly vocals one minute, subtle the next. Definitely a shoe-in for the live arena and a truly great cover.

“BBW” begins with a classic Punk vocal; loud and in-yer-face!! I can just imagine the whole band attempting to keep a straight face while playing this live! Great energy and again a clear vocal not obscured by the horns. The bass-led bridge is a great touch before the huge anthemic ending.


“The Party’s Never Over” is the final track here and like its predecessors doesn’t disappoint. It opens with powerful hitting from Marcus and Nathan’s clangy guitars, before those horns kick in. The speedy vocal delivery tracks the big anthemic chorus in this humorous ode to party culture. It slows down somewhat in the bridge, yet the listener can be in no doubt to the subject matter in the lyrics. Once again an anthemic chorus takes the song to its finale, and I’m left wondering and hoping there’s more in the tank from these guys.

If this is an introduction to 6Foot7 then I’d say the future is bright. So many bands of this genre lose the vocal in a barrage of horns and miss the point. 6Foot7 allow you the listener, to decipher the lyric with consummate ease; while skanking along to the overall delivery. I would love to see this band on the “Introducing Stage” at Rebellion sometime in the future, with songs this good they could more than hold their own. Time will tell but as a starting point this is a great EP.

Track Listing
Hello (Lionel Ritchie cover)
The Party’s Never Over

Band Members
Tom Shazam – Vocals
Marcus Maurice – Drums
Nathan Allen – Guitar/ Vocals
Mark Lambert – Bass
Craig Walker – Tromboner
Jon Perry – Horns



Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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