The Thomas Tripp in Lymington

Saturday 22nd April at 7:30pm

Blue Murder

The Band who were formed by Rod and Adrian in 1987 and the fledgeling Blue Murder soon signed up Simon on bass and Mark on drums. A flighty lead guitarist quit on the eve of a big Salisbury Arts Centre gig in August ’88 and a ray of Florida sunshine by the name of Jody was brought into the band with hours to spare. They say the brightest stars burn the quickest and the band imploded a few months later. The band went their separate ways and lost touch until the magic of Facebook brought them back together many years on.

Sadly, Rod passed away in 2016 and a transatlantic missive from Jody lead to plans for a 30-year reunion gig. Bamboo Viper Jake has been drafted in to fill the drum stool and talented local singer/songwriter Jemma Davies is joining Rod’s daughter Chloe in what promises to be an emotional reunion of the band’s original material and some especially chose re-worked covers”

The Blue Murder 30th anniversary gig will feature with special guests and support from local bands Clockwork Carousel, Midi Moths, FooFoo, Syrenn A and DJ PMT. Doors open at 7:30pm with entry at just £5 and is very limited so get down early to avoid missing out.


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