60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth

Ryan Butterworth

Once an artist has been on a high-profile musical TV reality show it is hard to keep up the momentum and to find the right direction as to what to do next. Bournemouth singer/songwriter Ryan Butterworth had his moment on BBC’s “Let In Shine” with a stunning audition of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” that got him through to the live shows performing with a band. Ryan has been sensible and taken on board all he has learned to try a shot on his own making it in the music business, starting with his debut EP launch tonight at 60 Million Postcards.

Before Ryan gets to play we have a new band from Bournemouth called “The Atkinsons” supporting him, who only formed earlier this year and so far have only played a handful of gigs. The 5-piece band gets off to a good start with a sound that comes from a host of influences. They have two guitarists that both have completely different styles from each other that compliment the bands quite individual style. This is coupled with keyboards, an impressive funky 5 string bassist, and a drummer. The five look like they have all been plucked from other really different bands, but somehow it all works.

The Atkinsons
The Atkinsons 12

They have many standout tunes including the angsty “Frustrated”, which despite a few technical problems sounded really good featuring Billy and Luke sharing hard-hitting vocals. Another is the title of a forthcoming release called ” “From an artist’s perspective”, and here the band really find their stride delivering a beautiful noise of fuzzy guitars; coupled with some well-executed keys. The band ends with “Human Man” which is a slow builder with some nice harmonies and yet more intricate guitars. It is always great to see new bands in Bournemouth, especially those with a sound that is hard to pigeonhole. I look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

Ryan Butterworth
Ryan Butterworth 1234

Ryan Butterworth takes to the stage at around 10:30pm and it seems that a coach party has turned up as the place has filled up considerably. From the first number, Ryan shows his impressive vocal range which despite the noise in the venue, comes across really well-this coupled with guitarist Jack Grace’s lovely atmospheric guitar effects. The band also includes some Keyboards/Lapsteel from Joe Smith with Sean Hatton on bass and Jamie Craig on drums. Ryan indeed has a natural talent for music making with tunes like the epic “Sunset” and “Holding On” really entertaining the large crowd.

The new 4-track Ep is called “After Rain, Look for Rainbows” and gets its official release here tonight. Inside each of the CD’s slipcase is a personal message from Ryan, humbly thanking everyone for all their support up until now. We have to wait until the end for one of Ryan’s most outstanding numbers to date. “Green Grass” is the opening number on the EP. A tune that provides an uplifting slice of radio friendly Rock with infectious rhythm, epic guitars and an unrivalled vocal that delivers in all areas. Ryan is well placed to take himself and his band on to much larger things. I’m sure festivals and some decent tour supports are on the cards if the right people get to witness the considerable talent that was on show here tonight.

Set List
Holding On
Velvet Sky
Home (Heaven in Your Arms)
Slow, Fast or None
Green Grass



Words, Pictures & Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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