Jordan Ayriss

Bournemouth musician Jordan Ayriss over the years has been developing his craft in a host of very different bands. First, there was “Sepia Daze” a heavy alternative rock band, then there was an acoustic outfit by the name of “Ironic Encounter” and also the ongoing hectic punk outfit The Gutter Rats. Jordan continues with his chameleon style changes with a new solo project by the name of “Air-riss”, the project is a big departure from anything he has done before and certainly shows the local musician in a very different light. The new 6 track EP sees Jordan mixing synthesisers, keyboards with electric guitars to create a really interesting original sound.

The EP kicks off with “Fight the Feeling” which includes an electronic hook that is not dissimilar to those that back those ridiculous viral videos you get on YouTube. Jordan uses this as a bed and brings over some neatly delivered vocals that show a massive change to anything that he has sung before. “The Perfect Lullaby” opens with some epic atmospheric electric guitar before combining with more electronics giving possibly the best track of this collection, an over 6 minutes long it might be a lullaby but it certainly won’t send you to sleep. The vocals have more than a passing resemblance to 80’s stars Gary Numan and Nik Kershaw. “Down and Out” gives some dark synthetics and some interesting vocal effects along with some electronically generated frog chorus style gulps.

Jordan Ayriss

“Surrounded” starts off oriental style strings and once again Jordan brings in some almost distant understated vocals. “Together” dissects a relationship between two people looking at both the positives and negatives with the line “We’re in this together” with yet more atmospheric uplifting Synth work. “Insomnia” keeps the momentum going with yet more catchy keys and guitars coupled with more reverbed vocals which spells out the continued pain of sleeplessness. Have seen Jordan is many of his various acts previously this EP is a complete surprise with the complete change of style. Here he has tried to push his own boundaries and bring something very different. Though not destined for a huge audience here we have an artist who creates music for his own pleasure and if the public like it then all the better.

Track Listing
Fight the Feeling
The Perfect Lullaby
Down and Out



Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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