Erica Drive

Bournemouth singer/songwriter Matt Underdown released his debut solo album called “Hope” in 2016, after this milestone was reached he had ambitions of forming a band. This seems to have happened rather quickly and the 5 piece “Erica Drive” were formed and are now ready to release the debut EP three track to the world. The band recently went into the “Ranch Production House” studio in Southampton, working with seasoned producer “Neil Kennedy” who was assisted by Daly George. These two guys between them have a whole host of experience covering bands such as Creeper, Milk Teeth, Miss Vincent, Press to Meco and a host of others. The band are adventurous in the fact they wanted to use three parts to combine with their rhythm section.

The EP opens with “Open Road” which has so much going on with the three guitar melodies blending well together, combining with hard-hit precision drumming and tightly played muscular basslines. Matt’s deeply passionate vocals leads this song of hope and optimism singing “Take me to this open road, to find where this world begins again”. The song seems to be about being stuck in one particular place and having the guts to move away to find something better. The band have filmed an impressive video in a disused warehouse for “Open Road”; directed Sean Sheridan, which can be seen below.

Erica Drive

The second track “Just Another Day” is completely different from the first, a slower more deliberate start before things pick up and the three melodic guitars light up your ears. This has a much heavier feel and Matt really pushes himself here with much more hard-hitting vocals. The song honourably describes a battle against something you cannot control, taking the precious life you have away from you. It features some really deep and meaningful lyrics that really touch at human emotions and puts you into the desperate mind of the writer.

The final track is “The Woods” which seems to be a song of fear; a fear about running away from something – it could be anything, just something that you are trying to get away from. It is almost like having one of those dreams on a restless night and you wake up with a start remembering sketchy parts of it. The lyrics go really deep and can be taken from many points of view. Once again the tune features the bearded fivesomeís great chemistry where they all use their individual talents to create something really powerful musically and lyrically. The EP does its job of giving you a taster of what is to come, it really leaves you wanting more. If the guys can recreate these songs live as good as they have in the studio the audience is indeed in for a treat.

Track Listing
Open Road
Just Another Day
The Woods

Line Up
Matt Underdown – Vocals/Guitar
Sam Firmin – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Frankie Harding – Guitar
Dave Elliot – Bass
Damien Carter – Drums




Words by Dave Chinery (Chinners).

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