Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe

Western Sand

When a prominent musician of the local scene puts up a post on Facebook decrying “why is the B’mth music scene so shit”- it was always gonna spike a reaction. Some 300 or so comments/replies later and it’s still garnering interest. So with the originator (and band) of this bold statement having a gig on the same weekend, one wonders if there’s to be a backlash?

Deltorers are busy sound-checking before literally staying onstage and going straight into their set. Having seen this band many times I knew what to expect. They open confidently with “No” and then “Pharma”. As is with Deltorers it’s a building process set-wise, they lure you in slowly before really letting go. “Share Without Gain” ups the ante before the haunting “Insight”, where vocally Nath starts to really let go. Guitar-shredding antics mean a brief adjustment from the crew to his guitar, which is a brief respite from this onslaught. They simply get heavier, and in Zoot (drums) they have an engine room that cannot be bettered – the power this guy generates literally raises the roof. Brenden (bass) is no spectator either, his nonchalant demeanour can’t hide his contribution -head down in concentration during most of their set.

Deltorers 123456

“She Looks Nice” is their set pleaser while “Keeps Me On My Toes” stays in the personal arena. It’s another belter of a song that starts with harmonies before exploding laterly. A good sized crowd are witness to this performance tonight and don’t leave disappointed. They save 3 biggies ’til last and simply explode with power as Nathan strains every vessel in his body to scream the vocal out. Zoot matches him with ferocity as they depart to huge applause. It’s hard to magnify how good Deltorers are tonight, for me, they are on another level. With a new single out the future looks bright, and on this evidence who am I to argue?!

Headliners tonight are Western Sand, a hard rocking band well known around these parts. I’m surprised there aren’t more punters here for them, I’ve seen them play to much larger audiences before. Anyway, they don’t disappoint and just do their thing. I cant hide the fact that this isn’t a musical style I love, but I stick around for four songs. Western Sand in Tyler (lead vox/guitar) has a hugely confident singer with great range. His American drawl really suits their style and despite the tiny stage they use every inch to pose, preen and cavort. Jimmy (guitar) is chief shapeshifter tonight while Nathan (drums/vox) is chief entertainer! Findlay (bass) doesn’t go unnoticed either and as a collection of musicians of this style they work as one.

Western Sand
Western Sand 123

I catch their standout track “Missisippi Queen” before retiring to the garden for a chat with a singer from the local Punk scene. I return though to find the band tuning up for what will be a second set. They confidently return with a bunch of originals before a “cover-fest” finale. At this point, I take note as I recognise most of the songs. I detect a Lizzy cover which is note-perfect as they now have this Cellar Bar crowd eating from their palms. The covers keep a coming and they seemingly don’t want to end.

Despite my initial disinterest I have to say they certainly leave an impression. How they are not signed though is beyond me. As good as their covers are their own compositions stand up on their own merit and I wish them well. With future supports to the touring big names, it can only be a matter of time before the AnR’s come calling.



Words, Pictures & Videos Ross Ferrone

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