The Anvil, Bournemouth


Despite one of my favourite new bands “Hands off Gretel” performing this evening in Southampton, I have decided to support the burgeoning scene that is in full flow in Bournemouth right now and head to the Anvil. The omens aren’t great early on-I arrive just in time for “Missile” but the crowd is sparse, to say the least. The band deliver a short set, high on anthems with even shorter titles. “Gutter” opens proceedings and their powerful output is a constant feature. “Pistolry” follows before the anthemic “Be Real”, whereupon I detect a wonderful lyric “be real, you’re never gonna get a deal…..”. The affectionately titled “Yobbo” is delivered with the kind of gusto its title suggests while “Missile” is played like one (musically)! Paul (guitar/vox) gives a loud, clear vocal accompanied by Harv (bass/vox) with added snarl. Martin (drums) literally hammers the snare, well every skin in fact, but all round they are a tight unit. “Gentrification” is a set highlight before they depart with “Killing Me”.

Missile 1234

A quick turnaround sees C-30s take to the stage. Still the numbers aren’t great but the other band members at least show their faces. Their set is heavily laden with bass reverb and pitched way too loud (even with ear plugs). They open with “Riding Away” then “Beach Bum”/”Keep Hangin’ On”. It’s never the same show with these guys, and it’s never dull. Tonight is more of a “Post/Grunge” performance than straight up Punk, but no less immediate. Hugely powerful throughout the great songs keep a comin’. “Harmony Girl” and “RotnRollerCoaster” are just preludes to live favourite “Wake Up”, delivered tonight in humorous style vocally. One or two glitches with out of tune guitars mean we get the usual humour from Andy (guitar/vox). One or two of their older songs are played tonight, so old in fact that even I don’t recognise them! The glitches mean they slightly overrun their allotted time so cut their set short by one song. “FuckYouFuckin’Fuckers” morphs into an excellent set closer “Born To Lose” and they take the applause.

C-30’s 1234

Another quick turnaround sees out of towner’s, Cornwall’s “Rash Decision”-in town with a spare night on their current tour schedule. This quartet takes no prisoners and bludgeon us with their ferocious wall of sound. It’s more in the Hardcore vein than the other 3 bands, but they wonít be forgotten in a hurry. It’s one pace with these guys – extremely fast! The main vocalist (Dave) is largely unintelligible and incredibly they only get faster. The drumming is intense and while I’m tempted to suggest they are on the wrong bill, they garner some positive comments from those I speak to-sadly they are totally lost on me. I cannot criticise their musicianship, however, yet strangely a few of us agree that bassist (Kev) and guitarist (Simon) have the better voices. I want to be more positive with my own personal love of all things Cornish, but I just don’t get them-Hardcore to the core but not my bag. I wish them well though.

Rash Decision
Rash Decision 12

Headliners, Luton’s “Hazard” arrive somewhat late on stage at gone 11.20pm. The sight of 5 punters watching (3 of whom you brought with you) must be hugely demoralising – it’s Friday night in Bournemouth for f*cks sake! They open with “Citizen of The World”, delivered with a stage presence not dissimilar to The Clash-most notably from Conor (vox/guitar) who takes his style somewhat from Strummer. Joe’s drums are heavy throughout; as is Josh’s bass, but their all – round sound is much tighter that the previous two bands. “Bad Habits” is an early highlight in an otherwise decent set. I just think they are a tad samey, they have all the elements but (IMO) they could easily manage as a 3-piece. Nathan praises the previous bands and is at pains to add how much they always wanted to play Bournemouth – I just wish they had been afforded an audience! Being the true pros they are though they press on. “Freedom Fighters” is another highlight and I for one am not disappointed. They save the best til’ last with a brilliant cover of “One Track Mind”, before I proceed to miss the last bus home!

Hazard 12345

All in all a great gig, despite the numbers. We have a great Punk scene in Bournemouth, growing all the time. Just a shame that when 2 bands from out of town show up the punters don’t follow. Hazard are on a large bill in Swindon next weekend, headlined by none other than Sham69. If tonight proved to be just a warm-up I hope they are afforded a larger audience at the “Wessex One Faith Festival”, they certainly deserve it!

Set Lists
Be Real
My Celebration
Fat Cat
Killing Me

Riding Away
Beach Bum/Keep Hangin’ On
If Only I Could…..
Harmony Girl
Wake Up
Born To Lose (Heartbreakers Cover)

Citizen of the World
Bad Habits
Sorry Ain’t Enough
Freedom Fighters
Get Outta My Head
All or Nothing
One Track Mind (Heartbreakers cover)



Review, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone

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