Northamptonshire Punks Wreck-Age have a new 4 track EP out right now and we @ RR towers have the pleasure of writing about it. I was only aware of this band after the opening track here (2 Minutes) featured on the charity LP “Top of The Punks”. And what a fine way to open this EP it is. A scratchy guitar section opens the song before those rat-a-tat drums take over, with the subtle bass in the background. The Biafra-inspired vocal then takes centre stage with an anthemic chorus, yet delivered in a clear and audible fashion. The way Joe (vox) twists his vocal at various points within is impressive while Tony’s bass becomes more prominent right up until the sharp ending. An impressive start.

‘Drop Out, Cop Out’ has a brilliant drum-led intro before slipping into a more Ska-infused beat. The clicky guitar is ever present and that distinct vocal is a prominent feature. The song lyrically has a clear message, articulated passionately. Again that bass is nestled in the background until mid-song where the track explodes into life in the bridge. The song is multi-layered and would keep the Punks and Skankers happy in the live arena, such is its catchy beat. My only criticism is it’s a tad overlong and they could’ve omitted the second bridge. However, tracks of this ilk tend to be longer and suit that vibe so you the listener can decide!


‘Orbital’ opens with a twisted guitar part and a throbbing bass that precedes the vocal on this classic Punk song. Where the lyrics meet the working title is anyone’s guess though. The vocal with its strained delivery is as sinister as it is haunting, but that bass steals the show and again it’s a sharp ending.

“Turn Up and Dance” opens with a Subs-esque guitar part and again that bass throbs, matched to a powerful drumbeat from Luke. Lyrically I’m guessing it’s a love song or a story of longing. It briefly retreats back to a sprinkling of Ska in the bridge, before returning to the out and out Punk sound. Latterly it hints at the “Punk Rock Wars” of yesteryear with the lyric ‘a protest on the dancefloor, do you remember…? And those of a certain age will!


To sum up: if you like your Punk sprinkled with a smattering of Dub/Ska then check this band out, buy the EP and go see them live. I have had that pleasure having witnessed them opening on the Rebellion Introducing Stage last summer, and you should too!

Track Listing
2 Minutes
Drop Out, Cop Out
Turn Up and Dance

Band members
Joe – Vox
Sox – Guitar
Tony – Bass
Kat – Guitar
Luke – Skins



Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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