Chaplin’s Cellar Bar, Boscombe

Mr. Fungus

Tonight at The Cellar sees three local bands, showcasing their talents and varying styles. First up are Kill The Colossi, (post-Tyrone) who has departed the UK for sunnier climbs. So, Adam (guitar/vox) takes over on vocal duties and their sound is altogether harder and harsher with a deafening ferocity. Okay; I am stood at the front, but it’s loud! Steve (drums) hits his snare with huge power as they open with an instrumental before launching full tilt into opener “196 Walls”. On the fast songs the vocal is lost somewhat in the sheer power, however when they takes things down a notch it’s much more coherent. Recent single “F*ck The Taxman” is an early highlight, bettered only by “For Honour”. My only real criticism would be the unnecessary cussing – I can’t believe this is down to nerves, (drink maybe) but a band of this experience shouldn’t be nervous. Rowan (bass) has an almost nonchalant style while adding occasional backing vocals. There’s hints of Oi in places but their overall sound is Punk/Ska to my ears. With an album’s worth of material awaiting release they preview title track “Herd Mentality” before ending on the impressive “Outsiders”. A decent opening then.

Kill The Colossi
Kill The Colossi 123

Next up are local Glam Rock/Hair Metallers “27 Days”. This is a complete contrast to what came before and these guys know how to Rock! They set out their stall early with “Welcome to the Party” with their feel-good vibe. Despite their youth, they have studied this genre long and hard. Every cliche is in there but by no means are they boring. “Tell The Devil” comes next as Jordan (vox/rhythm) stretches his vocal chords. His range is decent while having an air of great confidence. They pay homage to The Darkness and give a fair rendition of “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”. The falsettos aren’t quite there yet, but given time they will be. “Speed” comes next as the band grow in confidence. Phil (drums) has fast, powerful hands and is intricate in equal measure, notably on the kettle drum. “Stevie” though takes centre stage with shapeshifting and noodling duties. “Dom” (bass) looks somewhat cramped at the end of the stage but is no less important. “It’s So Easy” seems somewhat poignant as these guys just grow into their set. Jordan’s vocals become harder and harsher in equal measure towards the end but there’s no let-up. Penultimate track “Life on the Edge” precedes a Rock statement of sorts. “Live Fast, Die Young”. These hair-metallers have youth on their side and a clutch of great songs and all the elements going forward. My only criticism would be the wearing of your idols T-shirts – create your own identity lads, avoid clichÈ.

27 Days
27 Days 12345

And so to the headliners. For those of a certain age “Mr. Fungus” have seemingly been around forever. Having made their name in the mid-nineties they had a well-earned hiatus before picking up their instruments once more for sporadic gigs to dust off the cobwebs. Mr Fungus play “Hi Energy In-Yer-Face Rock” (their words), and tonight is no exception. Following on from their recent headline comeback gig at The Anvil here we are again for more of the same. They play a largely mixed set of covers and originals but I got to be honest, I only recognised two of the covers!

They open with “Misirlou”, an instrumental to get the juices flowing before their first original “Samaritan Man”. (Nacho) Jase (lead vox/guitar) is chief shapeshifter again; ably assisted by Paul (drums/b. vox) who keeps a bullish beat, thunderous in places. Lee (bass) completes this trio as they confidently go about their business. “Mr Cab Driver” precedes early highlight, and original composition “Dirty Lies’ which is of kind apt. You see Mr Fungus play a brand of Dirty RnR but with a certain amount of polish.

Mr Fungus

Mr Fungus 12

They are confident in delivery and don’t appear to have any glitches tonight. Few words are exchanged between band and audience but this doesn’t detract from their performance, far from it. Lee is borderline shoegazing, barely looking up from his bass. Paul, however, is energy personified, keeping a fierce beat in the engine room. “Make My Day” is great before a decent stab at “Purple Haze”. Their take on The Kinks “You Really Got Me” is bass-heavy with a strained vocal to match, but they save the best ’til last with one of their own called “Marijuana”. And that folks was that. Three great bands of varying styles and a decent crowd to receive them. This won’t be the last we see of Mr Fungus as they are in the studio as we speak, putting the finishing touches to a new EP. I look forward to hearing that.

Set Lists
Kill The Colossi
196 Walls
Another Bad Day
The Alarm
Fuck the Tax Man
For Honour
Shotgun Shelly
Herd Mentality

27 Days
Welcome to the Party
Tell the Devil
I believe in a Thing Called Love (The Darkness cover)
It’s So Easy
Too Hot
Life on the Edge
Live Fast, Die Young

Mr Fungus
Samaritan Man
Mr. Cab Driver
Dirty Lies
Who Loves Ya Baby
Make My Day
Purple Haze
Looking Glass
You Really Got Me



Words, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone.

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