Bloody English

Hailing from England’s capital city, Bloody English unleash single number three upon us. Conflict Resolution is a brash, loud and fast slab of Metal-infused Punk that may just divide opinion. Opening with scratchy dual guitars that make way for a frenetic drumbeat, it is complemented by the pained howling of vocalist Laurence Burden. Said vocal is not one for the faint hearted! As the vocal gets louder and harsher a Post/Punk chiming guitar section in the background keeps it interesting, dare I suggest experimental. I’m at a loss to the lyrical content but assume its subject matter is one of anger and disapproval. The vocal howls take the song to its conclusion and at less than 2.5 minutes duration it is a short, sharp shock of a song.

Bloody English
Bloody English

One imagines them to shine in the live arena where songs like this whip up the pit into frenzied action. What sets them apart however is the fact that they sound like no other Punk band I’ve ever heard, and for once I’m stumped as for influences. As I alluded to earlier; Bloody English might divide opinion, but as a live act I feel they will have no shortage of gigs. I will watch their trajectory with interest but for now, this may just be the start of something quite unique on the scene.

Band Members
Peter Gomez
Andrew Gomez
Chris Reynolds
Sean O’Hanlon
Laurence Burden


Review by Ross A. Ferrone

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