The Brook, Southampton

The Fallen State

Tonight British Rock band “The Fallen State” bring their UK Tour to The Brook in Southampton. This their debut appearance in Southampton comes shortly after the band opened the Planet Rock “Winter’s End Festival”; just down the M27 in Poole in February, along with successful tours with Black Stone Cherry and Halestorm. The band have been wowing live audiences with their passionate songwriting and their melodic hard Rock style. After releasing two Ep’s “Crown Your Shadows” and “The View From The Ruin” the band this year start work on their much-anticipated debut album. Before the headliners get the chance to take the stage there is a matter of two tour supports and a much loved local band to warm up the audience.

At 7:45pm precisely Southampton four-piece Rock band “Our Propaganda” take to the stage. They are a band that have frequented the local Rock scene for quite a while and with their continual momentum of fantastic live performances, they should be headlining their own tours by now. They are quick to show off what they are capable of with masses of infectious energy and huge guitar riffs aplenty. Frontman Jack Denton impresses with some seriously well-delivered vocals with some great self-penned tunes such as the infectious “Queen of Artisans” and a thought-provoking tune called “Hey Brother” about fighting pointless wars. A good showing from this local band who thoroughly warm up this Thursday night audience.

Our Propaganda
Our Propaganda 123

Next up are a band from a place just off the M6 near Birmingham called Wednesbury. Liberty Lies formed in 2008 when they were just teenagers, they are clearly not afraid of hard work gaining countless support slots with the likes of Gun, Skin, Shinedown, Halestorm, Soil and Magnum, as well as many festival appearances. The 5-piece band arrive in Southampton in fine form and set out to win over many new fans. They deliver a big atmospheric guitar coupled with punchy rhythms, along with the imposing vocals of Shaun Richards. We are treated to tunes like “The Wire” and the great sounding “Russian Dolls” which includes a cheeky snatch of The Fallen State’s “Nova”. The band clearly have some great chemistry and their infectious fun-loving attitude comes across in their spot on live performance. They leave after a great 45 minute set with the epic tune “Are They Listening” still ringing in our ears.

Liberty Lies
Liberty Lies 1234

The penultimate band of the evening is “Psycho Village” from Austria; a three-piece band featuring Daniel Kremsner (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Max Raps (Bass & Backing Vocals) and Marcel Urban (Drums). The band have two video screens either side of the stage showing intermittent white noise, mixed with video clips to cleverly put together for each number they play. The band use their instruments mixed with pre-programmed synth effects to create a unique original sound. The band lack the energy of tonight’s British bands but make up for this with clever technical know-how. They give audience tunes like the infectious “It’s Okay”, as well as an uplifting number called “Shine on Us” and a commendable dig at racism called “Half Caste Symphony”.

Psycho VIllage
Psycho Village 123

The Fallen State take to the stage with huge smiles on their faces, impressed with the fact that this is their first trip to Southampton and so many people have come out to see them. As the band kick off with their opening number “Hope In Revival” there is an immediate positive response from the excited audience and despite a few technical difficulties with the microphones, the band deliver the big two guitar melodic sound to full effect. Despite forming in 2013 frontman Ben Stenning seems to be as excited to be in front of a crowd as he did when he first started. The set is full of big tunes and the crowd lap up everything the band play including “Sinner”, “Burning it to the Ground” and a lovely stripped down version of “Four Letter Word”.

The Fallen State
The Fallen State 123456

The whole venue though was waiting to hear one tune and as it was dedicated to a chap called “Norman” who sadly passed away recently, it seemed as if people almost held their breath until the guitar introduced the song. “Nova” has been heard worldwide by at least 1.9 million people and the amazing video to go with it has touched the hearts of anyone that has seen it. Hearing it live is an emotional experience, Ben’s vocals are passionate and beautiful enough to melt any hardened heart. The Fallen State are a band that are making all the right noises in all the right places. It will certainly be interesting to see if these guys could take things to the next level. They top a fantastic evening, showing that the evolution of modern rock n’ roll is alive and well.

Set List
The Fallen State
Hope In Revival
Lost Cause
Sons of Avarice
Burn it to the Ground
For My Sorrow
Great Unknown
Send Up The World
Four Letter Word
The Quickening
Can’t Fight The Feeling
You Want it


Written and Photographed by David Chinery (Chinners).

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