Featuring Members Of The Sex Pistols, The Toy Dolls, The Professionals & The Wildhearts; Charge Of The Light Brigade”

The Tallywags

We have had many great football songs in the past “World in Motion”, “Vindaloo”, “Eat My Goal” and of course “Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home)”. This month sees the release of “Charge of the Light Brigade” by a brand newly formed Punk Rock Supergroup The Tallywags……..

So, into the breach go England again. Charging hopelessly towards the big guns of Russia as they did in 1854 in Balaclava. This time to face the even bigger guns of Brazil, Argentina, Spain and of course The Germans. Or maybe this time it will Panama or Tunisia to send us home? The smaller guns to the side of the valley of death.

Hereís the Tallywags with an uplifting, rousing anthem, that captures the tenacious, die-hard English spirit.

The foolish optimism that maybe, just maybe, itís our time? Without hope – we have nothing. The song “Charge of the Light Brigade” is accompanied by a humorous video, that reinvents the England teams past failures. Those red cards, those penalty saves, that hand of God. Featuring cameo appearances from ‘The Urban Voodoo Machine’ as the England band.

The Tallywags

The Tallywags are
Paul Cook (Sex Pistols/Professionals)
Tom Spencer (Professionals/ Men They Couldn’t Hang)
Chris McCormack (Professionals/3CR)
Olga (The Toy Dolls)
Danny McCormack (The Wildhearts)

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