Beans On Toast

After being wowed by the charisma of “Beans On Toast” for my first but definitely not last time he says he has a book for sale, as a book reviewer I know my next move. In the next moment I’m clutching a book named Drunk Folk Stories and asking the man himself to sign it with a lyric of his choice. Beans (as it seems he is known) replies that it’s a good thing to ask him to do but then he stumbles saying his mind has gone blank. Scatty Beans then remembers “mind gone blank” is a lyric from his new song and adorns my book with this message. I add this because my instant thought was what a legend but if his memory is like this what a load of rubbish this book will be however I’ve reviewed it 9/10.

Beans On Toast

I’m certain that there’s artistic license to some of the stories and others are patched together from vague memory but that’s not the point in this book, the book stands for everything he means which from my interpretation is to be good to the world and the world will be good to you. A wholesome read that will have you laughing all the way. If you want to read about excess whilst still feeling good about the life ditch Motley Crue’s The Dirt and read Drunk Folk Stories. For the sake of everyone let’s hope there’s a part 2. If you read this Beans, can you make it a bit longer next time, I read it in a day. You’re probably a better writer than you realise, this should be a bestseller.

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Beans On Toast



Words By James Wadsworth.

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