Miss Ruby's Roadhouse Blues Band

In May 2017 in Poole on the beautiful south coast of Dorset, Judy Gosler and Joules Kilgallon ignited a musical spark that would go on to form a band that encapsulated their joint love of the rhythm and blues. The band soon recruited and with their line-up swelling to seven they started gigging; playing a host of local music venues and summer festivals, building themselves a solid reputation. They soon started to develop their own eclectic sound and wanted to create some original material.

They collectively say they are influenced by the old rhythm & blues greats as well as early Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Beth Hart, Tina Turner, Blues Brothers, and some early Motown. The band entered the local Penn Hill Studios in Lower Parkstone to record four songs that became their debut EP “Roadhouse Blues”, which is released on the 26th October. The band also drafted in help from the wonderfully talented Matt Black of Hangover Hill Studios, who mixed and mastered the four tracks as well as playing some keys on the title track.

The EP opens with the rip-roaring “Walking Beat Blues” which starts off with some lovely Beatle style influenced guitar from Joules; with a pronounced Rolling Stone-style rhythm, which incorporates the great ticking beat blues percussion from Neil. This is all topped off with Judy’s powerful vocal delivery which brings it all nicely together. A beautiful unification of styles which are brought together to create a highly danceable track, that is infectious from start to finish.

Living close to the coastline in Dorset, the next tune “Drifting” conjures up images of the surf and sea. The song brings together some brilliantly delivered old-time blues guitar, coupled with some exquisite early Motown influenced vocal harmonies from Judy and Sandra. The song runs at a much slower pace than the first, with some gentle percussion and basslines cementing it all together. Itís a fine tune and really shows the combined abilities of the band.

Miss Ruby's Roadhouse Blues Band

“She Wolf” takes us on a trip to Louisiana for some southern influenced blues. Guitarist Joules describes it as a “visual, drive time on an open road type of track; something you would typically listen to driving through the night”. He lays down really emotive dirty blues-style guitar licks; with a simple and very effective lead break, coupled with some typically traditional blues style rhythms. The lyrics originally came from a track that Judy had written previously for another song and the band came along and gave it a complete blues makeover.

The fourth and final number ‘Roadhouse Blues’ was the band’s first themed original tune, which is dedicated to one of their favourite music venues “Chaplin’s Cellar Bar” in Boscombe. It’s clear that the band have great fun performing it and it has become a fan favourite in their live set. Judy explained that “there is a balance between instruments and vocals; which is apparent with the vocals providing the light, fun side of the track which in places is played using a Major pentatonic; allowing it to sound uplifting”. The song also highly benefits from the wonderful skills of Matt Black, who brings some wonderful work on the keys helping give the tune its own energy. Once again the band have collectively created a movement stimulating tune that has a multitude of influences, that put together has a unique feel to it.

Although this EP has only recently been completed, the band have been so inspired with their creative process that they have already arranged to go into the studio again in 2019 to start work on their debut album. “Roadhouse Blues” EP is released from 26th October and will be available on Spotify, ITunes, Google Play and in CD format directly from the band.

Track Listing
Walking Beat Blues
She Wolf
Roadhouse Blues

Miss Ruby’s Roadhouse Blues Band are
Miss Ruby (Judy Gosler) – Vocals
Joules Kilgallon – Guitar
Mark Le Sueur – Bass
Neil Myatt – Drums
Sandra McLaren – Backing vocals
Chris Collins – Rhythm Guitar

Guest Keys- Matt Black


Contact: judy@pixelhaus.co.uk

Article by David Chinery (Chinners).

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