Hands Off Gretel

This week Barnsley’s finest unsigned band release the title track of their forthcoming and long-awaited second album, “I Want the World” on Puke Pop Records. Well into their fledgeling career now of constant touring they take time out to make a stunning accompanying video for the song. A visual cascade of colour is matched by Lauren’s close-up camera-lens action throughout. I’m guessing it’s a personal song and after heavy rotation, you the viewers (and listeners) will be in no doubt who Hands Off Gretel are.

Filmed in a skate park there’s loads going on and the camera work matches the performance perfectly, as the skaters do their stuff while the band plays. There’s a gentle nod to Nirvana in the early part of the video and the now trademark chiming chords precede the chorus. As I alluded to earlier Lauren is the main feature here but equally the other three band members play their part. Sean (guitars) has a nonchalant style amid the head swirls in this performance whilst recent addition Becky (bass) is almost stern throughout. The heavy bridge at the end sees Sam (drums) pound the skins amid the passionate howls and screams from Lauren.

Hands Off Gretel

The video starts and ends with Lauren in a shopping trolley with a withdrawn scowl at the world. Haunting yet intimidating it sets the scene for what follows. I have long championed this band since witnessing their Rebellion Festival debut a few years back and their decision to remain unsigned has been their strength – doing it on their terms, answering to no-one but themselves.

Bigger things and bigger support tours can’t be far away now and this single and imminent LP release will only cement that. And if you still don’t know of this band then check out this latest offering and prepare to be converted. If you like Punk/RiotGrrrl/Grunge then this band should be your next port of call. Many commentators are saying 2019 is going to be their year – for some of us they have already arrived!!

Band Members
Lauren Tate Vocals and Guitar
Sean McAvinue – Guitar
Sam Hobbins – Drums
Becky Baldwin – Bass


Words by Ross A. Ferrone.

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