Erica Drive

Bournemouth’s rock quintet ‘Erica Drive have been busy in the studio recording their 2nd EP with the help of producer Mike White. The four-track EP is due out in April and is called “The Hate, The Hurt, The Healing”. As the title suggests the EP covers a plethora of different emotions. Vocalist and guitarist Matt Underdown elaborates: “We all get hurt and we all hate to some degree”. This EP for us was a healing process where we channelled bottled up emotions into each and every note and used it as a relief from the burdens we carried. We hope “The Hate, The Hurt, The Healing” can act as a catalyst to help others through hard times, as it has for us. The EP release marks the start of plenty of action at the Erica Drive HQ; with tours on the horizon and new singles planned, 2019 is set to be a busy year for them.

The EP opens with “All We Are”, a powerful tune both lyrically and musically. It features a full-on assault of your senses with three guitars, coupled with thunderous well laid down rhythms. This considerable tune takes on the frustrations of domestic life and the trauma it can bring to an individual. Matt Underdown delivers passionate, believable vocals that seem to come from a credible place. “Better Man” continues with more of the same great ingredients with the band backing Matt’s spot on vocals with some harmonies. “Anchor” shows the band getting really creative with some nice arrangements tangled around the hard-hitting lyrics. The final track is an altogether different sound; with the band showing their diversity in not sticking to the same plan with some nice imaginative guitar patterns, which fit together really well with the catchy chorus. It’s nice to see the positive progress “Erica Drive” have made since their debut EP and fingers crossed, this should take them on to some bigger stages in the future.

Erica Drive

All We Are
Better Man
The Fall

Band Members
Matt Underdown – Guitar & Vocals
Frankie Harding – Guitar
Sam Firmin – Guitar & Vocals
Damien Carter – Drums
Damian Bruton – Bass


Words by David Chinery

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